Which is the Best Coffee Maker You Can Buy in India?

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Coffee is the life line of artists, working professionals, students and all productive people. This is the beverage that allows people to work for longer and the same helps people get up early in the morning too. Coffee is undeniably our lifestyle partner and hence, it deserves to be made in the best way possible. The question is..

How to Select the Best Coffee Maker?

Well, a Coffee maker isn’t that common an appliance in India. However, Coffee as a beverage still has its share of popularity. You’ll always find a few Coffee drinkers begging to differ from the Tea drinkers (and always a session of friendly banter between the two camps). Here is our experience with one of the best coffee makers around.

Things are changing with the advent of innovative Coffee makers. We were recently invited to attend a product launch for a coffee maker that revolves around the coffee capsules.

What are they? Well, this is the innovation that will help you take your coffee experience to the next and the more premium level. Coffee is no longer about quick and half-baked instant coffee pouches, this new innovation adds a whole new dimension to it.

When we first heard about the name Boho by the Company Bonhomia, we thought of it would be a simple coffee maker that intakes coffee beans and outputs a simple cup of coffee. But, boy, were we wrong or were WE WRONG?

The machine just blew our minds. There was a basket full of sachets of Boho Gourmet Coffee Capsules (different flavours), we had a choice of Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and even green tea.

Assorted Coffee Packets for the best Coffee maker you could buy in India
From Vanilla to Espresso, the assorted Coffee Capsules by Bonhomia will bring you the best Coffee Maker Experience.

The coffee/tea capsule of your choice is to be put inside the capsule compartment of the Boho and the gourmet coffee of your choice is made, in seconds, with the perfect aroma, crema and temperature.

Wondering which is the best coffee maker you can buy? Here is some help
Espresso Shots made by the amazing coffee maker, the Boho by Bonhomia

For those who like Black Coffee, the stand alone Boho would do the job. However, for milky dessert coffee lovers, the ‘Wipp It’ milk frother would just be the perfect companion for the Boho. We had a chance to taste all the coffees made by the Boho, and the Vanilla Macchiato indeed won our hearts, and ‘Wipp It’ also had a part to play in it.

milk frother for those gourmet dessert coffees
Milk Frother from Bonhomia. Perfect companion to the coffee maker for the dessert coffees.

What is the Price of this Wonderful Coffee Maker and Where Can I buy it?

The Boho is retailed in two colours and prices. The midnight black Boho Coffee Maker is priced at ₹ 9995/- and the Passion Red variant is sold at ₹ 12995/-

The Boho Coffee and Tea Capsules are priced at ₹ 35/- each and are available at leading gourmet stores:

  • Foodhall
  • Nature’s Basket
  • Le Marche
  • Good Food
  • Needs
  • Modern Bazaar

The ‘Wipp It’ Milk Frother is priced at ₹ 2499/- (approx.) The appliances can be bought online on bonhomiaworld.com or from one of the following store:

  • Westside
  • Modern Bazaar
  • Needs
  • Barista
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