Pipeline Café- Gourmet in Satyaniketan

pipeline cafe satya niketan

Gourmet food in a student-friendly niche, is just what was needed in Satya Niketan. Pipeline café is bringing sophisticated european main-course at affordable prices. Let’s talk about the ‘Yay’s and ‘Nay’s from the menu; Stir Fried Potatoes with Cottage Cheese. Now thise dish was a surprise. With the goodness of oriental, sweet and sour flavors and the layers of sliced potatoes filled with cottage cheese, this was a wonderful treat for the taste buds. An absolute ‘Yay’. Makhani Pizza- Tried it with both Paneer and Chicken Toppings. Alas, it didn’t…

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The University Bistro- Where the Delhi University Dines in Style

The Delhi University Bistro

Amidst a plethora of options for Delhi University students and foodies around the Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, there are very cafés that actually stand out and strive to provide eating options that are not only delicious but also well-thought-of and prepared with passion along with out of the box thinking. This is where The University Bistro enters the DU Food Scene. It is indeed the café we needed, the one that stands out and serves passion on a plate. What’s Awesome About The University Bistro As soon as you enter the café, you…

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Cafe Why Not- Food in Delhi University

NOTE: this restaurant has most probably permanently closed at the location mentioned in this article. Kindly verify with the right sources before visiting. Nothing is taken more seriously than the food in Delhi. Hence, even academia is far from separated from the question one asks, ‘Where to eat today? So here is the review for an amazing new cafe in Satya Niketan, Cafe Why Not? The South Campus of the University of Delhi is known for its competition with the North Campus, not because of just academic rivalry, but also…

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