Army Themed 38 Barracks in CP

Being a fan of themed restaurants, the concept of 38 Barracks won my heart at the first sight. With dim lit yet beautiful interiors with walls full of Military Memorabilia, you just can’t help but get intrigued and click pictures. Drinks Galore at 38 Barracks Connaught Place The Bar and Drinks are totally the USPs of this place. Each drink is made to ensure that you can taste the alcohol properly, along with the add-on ingredients that make your cocktail more delicious. Not only that, the drinks presented very aesthetically….

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Gadre Seafood Launches the Innovative Crab Sticks

Gadre Premium Seafood is India’s largest seafood exporter. They have come out with a super delicious innovation called Crab Sticks. These sticks taste like crab meat, however, *surprise surprise* these are made completely out of fish. Hats off to the new technology that drives of your apprehensions about eating crab. They hosted a wonderful tasting session at Cafe Public Connection (CPC), CP. Under this session, the chefs at CPC showcased their talent and the versatility of these crab sticks, by making some super delicious dishes out of these. The crab…

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Lucknowi Food Festival at Zaffran GK-1 N-Block

Zaffran review

Zaffran is hosting an amazing Lucknowi Food Festival. It is called Dastarkhwan-e-awadh. All through march, you’ll find an amazing and dedicated menu under this festival. They have a delectable range of specially curated Lucknowi Kebabs that are filled to the brim with flavors and good taste.┬áThere are also amazing curries which are being offered in the Dastarkhwan-e-awadh menu. Royal Awadhi Food at Zaffran GK-1 Starting with the Kebabs; the Mutton Galawti is an out and out winner. This was probably the best Galawti I’ve had in Delhi. Absolutely delicious, the…

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TV on my plate- Entourage Lounge Defence Colony

entourage defence colony main market

*A Must Read for TV Fans* Got a great chance to experience the food and drinks at India’s first Sitcom themed lounge at Defence Colony. Entourage is surely going to be a hit amongst the youngsters and the fans of pop culture. The concept behind Entourage Lounge Defence Colony is extremely cool and innovative. You’ll find the walls full of artwork from your favorite shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Narcos and what not! Mind Blowing Themed Drinks at Entourage Defence Colony The drinks are also themed on some of the…

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Punjabi Food Redefined- Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba

rang de basanti urban dhaba hkv

We live in Delhi and it is without a doubt, the hub of Punjabi/North Indian/Mughlai Food. Many of us still love the Dhabas or small eateries serving the authentic North Indian food. In this space, the Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba is bringing in something fun, quirky and unique. It is hard to miss the super funny wall art and bright interiors of this amazing restaurant in Hauz Khas Village. With Punjabi cliches and funny one-liners and cartoons, the interiors of Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba totally get you in…

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Uzzuri Deli Janpath- Serving Delicious Getaways and Desserts

Why you must visit the Uzzuri Deli Janpath

Uzzuri Deli in Janpath looks a like a pretty little European Cafe located on a busy lane in the Shopping haven called Janpath. As soon as you enter, you couldn’t help but notice a bakers’ refrigerator stocking fresh and beautiful looking cakes. Sit down in this comfortable and lively Deli while you sip on some hot coffee or an Uber cool cocktail. Food at Uzzuri Deli Janpath For appetizers, they have some fresh salads. I liked the Barbeque Chicken Salad for the quality of chicken and the way it was…

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