Pizza Hut’s Momo Pizza MomoMia Review | Innovation or Gimmick?

Pizza Hut momo pizza

In a blockbuster social media campaign, Pizza Hut recently launched its most gutsy launch in the recent while in the form of the MomoMia range. A range of signature Pizzas with momos stacked inside the crust of each slice. The regular sauce of the pizza itself has been replaced with a spicy Schezwan sauce and the momo itself is possibly cooked with the pizza in the oven. The combination might sound a little too over the top and gimmicky but how does it fare exactly when it comes to taste,…

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A Very Bavarian October at The Capital Kitchen | Taj Palace New Delhi

If there is a holiday that re-defines gluttony and the festive culinar mood, it has to be the German Oktoberfest. However, all we know about this grand month-long festival seldom goes beyond pretzels and beer here in the city. Not anymore though and the Chefs at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi have taken the charge for introducing the Bavarian way of feasting this Oktoberfest. The iconic Capital Kitchen at the Taj Palace Hotel was the destination where I was invited to savor this handcrafted feast but the same can…

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A Pinch of Nostalgia and Spice at House of Ming


The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi holds a special place in my heart. From the decadent bull’s eye dessert at Machaan to that chilled cocktail at Rick’s Bar, the hotel and its culinary (and beverage) destinations have been a part of us Delhi-ites’ celebrations, small or large. Another gem here is House of Ming. A Sichuan & Cantonese inspired menu here has been charming the connoisseurs and food lovers of Delhi since time immemorial. So when I was invited for an elaborate meal at House of Ming, of course I…

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Restaurant Review: Ping’s Café Orient

I am a fan of Asian street food. It is soulful, it is wholesome and most importantly it packs all possible flavor profiles. Ping’s Café Orient is a name I’d heard from multiple friends whenever the topic of discussion was about Asian food so I decided to give it a shot. The restaurant is tucked in an old-school market at Lodhi Colony and it’s interiors are reminiscent of a nice neon-lit café in Bangkok. The menu boasts of everything Asian ranging from Baos to street-style noodles and salads. You’d spot…

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The Day I Witnessed the Magic of American Pistachios TWICE!

18th November 2020 was an eventful day. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a digital Indian delegation to a virtual event hosted to showcase the harvest of premium quality American pistachios (this is the first magic I witnessed). Being subjected to interview videos of the hardworking farmers who pull of the feat, collectively resulting in America being the number one producer of this healthful superfood, it was indeed an insightful virtual treat to the senses. The event hosted by popular anchor, Billy Harris who with his amusing…

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Chicken McGrill is Back | McDonald’s India Brings Back the Signature Budget Friendly Chicken Burger


In a very exciting news for Indian foodies, McDonald’s North and East India has reintroduced Chicken McGrill- one it’s most loved burgers ever. The delicious grilled chicken burger loaded with mint mayonnaise and onions had been indefinitely Discontinued. The whole conversation started with an highly organic looking campaign with social media contents creators and comedians. It all started with Abhishek Upmany posting a video stating the beginning of a petition requesting McDonald’s India to bring back the amazing burgers. In conclusion of the whole campaign and after getting thousands of…

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