Dining at La Piazza: One of the Oldest Traditional Italian Restaurants in Delhi

La Piazza opened in the year 1994 at one of the first Five Star properties of the city, Hyatt Regency Delhi. Being almost as old as the person writing this article, the restaurant surely has developed a loyal patronage of not only the hotel’s regular guests but also of the city’s connoisseurs and Italian food enthusiasts.Their USP apart from the sumptuous food, has also been the exquisite wine collection, which till date is one of the best ones in the city. We were there a couple of days back, to…

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Crazy Kitchen Rooftop Cafe- Good Food, Good Vibes.


Satya Niketan is indeed a very buzzing market for the students. Having said that, it is chaotic as well. The busy roads and the constant commotion contribute to it not being one of the more peaceful areas to hangout. If you agree with us, come we’ll suggest you a place, where solace is in plenty and the hustle and bustle is cut down by leaps and bounds, the vibes are beautiful and the food, well that is still the USP. All this could be found at a cafe which is…

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