Any Beverage at any Starbucks Outlet at Rs. 100 Flat Just For One Day

Starbucks arrived in India with full hype and excitement. I still remember queuing¬†up in front of the Connaught Place Block-A Outlet the day it opened as the first ever full-fledged Starbucks for all us Delhi-ites. Even though there is no doubt that they serve some brilliant brews, the brand has had a reputation for being an overpriced coffee shop. Although that statement is wholly debatable, the same could be kept aside for a single day. Also Read: Starbucks has Tough Competition from This Brand Commemorating 100 Starbucks Stores in India,…

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Domino’s Pizza Gets a Major Revamp- Expect Tastier, Heartier Pizzas

Very few brands have the guts to embrace their shortcomings and use them in their stride. Even though Domino’s Pizza has been India’s most loved Pizza QSR, they have never shied away from genuine feedback. As soon as the brand realized that the customers need something a lot better, Domino’s took into account the recurring feedback for better pizzas and actually underwent a Major Revamp. The head chef’s behind the #BadalGaya campaign have successfully ensured that Domino’s Pizza now officially has marginally larger cuts of toppings, tastier herby pizza sauce…

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Iconic Restaurant Indian Accent to Move to a new Location

Indian Accent Delhi

One of Asia’s finest contemporary Indian cuisine restaurant, The Indian Accent by Manish Mehrotra is moving to The Lodhi Hotel New Delhi. The restaurant made its cut to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and has been an iconic venue to host the Creme-de-la-creme of the Diners in the city. There were rumors running from quite sometime that restaurant in Delhi would have to change its location owing to the latest Govt. Law that prohibits the sale of liquor within 500 metres of National Highways.   The current location of this hugely…

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Most McDonalds in Delhi Shutting Down from Today

Any 90’s kid’s first favorite restaurant and the coming-of-age comfort food restaurant, McDonald’s is closing 43 of 55 of its outlets in Delhi w.e.f June 29th 2017 i.e. Today owing to a legal tussle between the US & the Indian HQs of the QSR Giant. What this means for you? If your neighborhood outlet of McDonald’s is run by the Indian Owners, alas! you’d not be able to enjoy your favorite McChicken or any delight as it would certainly close down indefinitely. What this means for the economy? Well, loss…

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Biggest Grocery Sale of the Season at Reliance Fresh- The Baahubali Sale

bahubali 2 reliance fresh

What if I told you that I saved a humongous 20% on my Grocery Bill at the neighborhood Reliance Fresh Store? Well, this really happened all thanks to The Gigantic Bahubali Sale which is going on at all the Reliance Fresh & Smart Stores across India. Inspired by the Epic Conclusion (Bahubali 2) now in Theatres and roaring on the box office, the Sale is a bliss all you home chefs and food lovers who want to cook something as epic as the cinematic experience while shopping at your nearest…

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KFC 5 in 1 Zinger Box New Advertisement Targets Competition

5 in 1 zinger meal box kfc

World’s favorite Fried chicken chain, KFC has an amazing value for money meal box in the form of the new 5 in 1 Zinger Box.¬†Containing the chain’s most popular burger, the Zinger, the box is wooing the smart spenders who like to get the best deals while eating out. Aiming to compete with the Value deals offered by other fast food joints like Mc Donalds and Burger King, the latest advertisement for the 5 in 1 Zinger Box by KFC definitely sends out a message claiming that this box is…

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