52 Janpath- Discount Coupons and Review

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Delhi now have a reason to cheer because, now they dine in style at the newly opened World Cuisine Fine Diner, 52 Janpath. Touted as a home away from home, the tagline indeed complements the interiors of this property in Connaught Place, designed like a luxurious drawing room.

52 Janpath CP

The interiors are soothing and indeed make you feel like home. From a well-stocked bookshelf to a beautiful fireplace, from the door that opens like its an entry gate to a house to the birds painted on the walls, the vibe you get from the very first visit at 52 Janpath is very positive and very welcoming.

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Ruskin Bond fans will especially relate to this place because it looks exactly something that has come out live from one of his stories. The vintage gramophone placed on one of the shelves, just adds to your curiosity.

They also have an equally beautiful courtyard perfect for evenings and winter dinners.

Spectacular Food at 52 Janpath, CP

As per the culinary concept, the experts are calling it a World Cuisine Restaurant. Which is just the right tag for the diversity and the extensiveness of the menu.

Let us have a sneak peak at the lovely dishes we got to taste at 52 Janpath, New Delhi;

Starting with the highlights, the Lychee Wonton was the first dish to arrive our table, served by a well-trained staff (available for your service at just a single bell-ring).

Now this is a very refreshing take on the classic open wonton, topped with fresh slices of lychee, coriander leaves, micro-vegetables and the favorite sweet and tangy tamarind chutney. The crispy wonton went really well with the oozing juices from the fresh lychee and tang of the chutney.

lychee-wonton-52-janpath52 janpath cp

The next on the list were the European Parcels. Now these were tiny bag shaped dumplings filled a veg mince. The soft parcels were in fact tiny little bubbles of flavor with the pinch of balsamic vinegar providing the wonderful kick to the dish.


Love prawns? Well, the subtle and juicy Prawns Tempura will indeed be a delight for you. The tiger prawns fried with tempura batter and served with a wonderful dip and salmon sheets, were really good. Make sure that you indeed let each piece stay for at least 5 seconds in the dip, before you take it out and savor the yummy and lightly crisped-on-the-outside and juicy-from-inside prawn dish.

52 janpath cp

The Potato Skins, a hearty appetizer (eat in moderation, or else, you’d hardly have space for main-course). Good chunks of hollow potatoes filled with a lightly spiced potato mash and then topped with a fresh slice of cheese. The garnish of paprika and salsa added the perfect zing to this otherwise perfect dish.


The chicken lover in me, jumped with joy when I saw the Chicken Triangles being served. The piping hot crispy fried triangles filled with a mildly spiced chicken mince. I have to admit, a repeat was called in for this particular dish. Again, very light yet very satisfying.

52 janpath cp

Another chicken delight felt like it was served directly from Thailand. The aromatic Thai chicken skewers served inside a shot glass filled with the sumptuous dip. Succulent chicken was skewered on a thick stem rather than the artificial wooden sticks. This way I could properly taste the chicken with flavors untouched and uninfluenced.


For the drinks, the mixologists at 52 Janpath, CP have to be applauded for the most innovative sangria I’ve ever tasted. The Espresso Sangria a coffee flavored concoction is a delight for wine, sangria and coffee lovers. MUST TRY.

For mocktails, the concoction of cucumber and mint did wonders for me, while I sipped their signature Garden Float.

As if the appetizers, drinks and the interiors weren’t enough to make me fall in love with this place, it turns out that the main course was equally delectable.

We were served selected sauteed vegetables and Thai Red Curry. The fresh and tender chicken chunks in the fragrant thai flavors of the latter dish, went wonderfully well with the fried rice. In the former, the perfect subtlety of the flavors and the balance of spices made it a very delicious vegetarian dish, not to mention, it was very light on the stomach as well. The vegetables were superbly cooked and I didn’t have to struggle with Broccoli (a complaint I have at every other restaurant). Even though I had quite a few of the appetizers, I just couldn’t resist having a generous dose of the Thai Curry and the Vegetables (which had my favorite veggies, mushrooms).

All in all, I hardly felt like going away from 52 Janpath, New Delhi. Maybe, it was because of the fact that everything is done there with a big heart. From food to interiors, everything at 52 Janpath would indeed make you want  to call it your second home.

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