Any Beverage at any Starbucks Outlet at Rs. 100 Flat Just For One Day

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Starbucks arrived in India with full hype and excitement. I still remember queuing up in front of the Connaught Place Block-A Outlet the day it opened as the first ever full-fledged Starbucks for all us Delhi-ites. Even though there is no doubt that they serve some brilliant brews, the brand has had a reputation for being an overpriced coffee shop. Although that statement is wholly debatable, the same could be kept aside for a single day.

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Commemorating 100 Starbucks Stores in India, you can walk into any Starbucks outlet on 28th October 2017 and enjoy any of their delicious beverages at just Rs. 100/- All Inclusive. The offer is not only valid on the small-sized beverages but also on the tall variants.

So be it the exotic Java Chip Mocha or the latest Smores Frappuccino, it is your time to get a taste of the Starbucks range without brewing a hole (pun intended) in your pockets.

Mark your calendars for 28th October 2017 as the World’s most popular Coffee shop brand sells you Tall Coffee glasses at just Rs. 100/- All Inclusive. So, when are you availing the Starbucks 100 Rupees Offer?


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