Thai Gol Gappas, Fresh Chocolava and More at Mr. Mamagoto in Cyber Hub

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Mr. Mamagoto is finer new venture from the Azure Hospitality Group. After proving their Culinary prowess through Mamagoto, their latest venture boasts of a more premium feel by the means of a scrumptious and refreshing Asian Menu. From Maki rolls to Baos, they are churning out deliciousness and HOW! The Burmese Khao Suey Pulled pork Bao was absolutely wonderful with all those tangy flavors and perfectly seasoned pulled pork in the fluffiest, freshest bao buns. Then the Old School Gyoza, a type of pan fried Japanese Dimsum served on a bed of aromatic & very flavorful amalgamation soya and chilli oil. The filling was also very tasty (we went for the chicken variant).

They are also serving some innovative small plates like Thai Puchkas. A never before seen avatar of Gol Gappas filled with Beetle Leaf (Paan), peanuts, onions & chillies served with a lingering Sweet Ginger dip and more red chillies. A fun Asian makeover of our Desi Chaat, the Gol Gappas will cost you around, 249 bucks for a good 6 pieces.

The Main Course at Mr. Mamagoto was equally impressive. We went for the Surin Beach Breakfast; a filling Thai inspired main course that came with a portion of well seasoned fried rices, a hearty 2-egg Omelette and two pieces of Thai Sausages. Enough to serve one, the plate was oozing with Thai flavors and yet, giving you a Taste of comfort food.

I’m a fan of Crispy fried chicken hence, I had to order Katsu chicken. Panko crusted boneless pieces of chicken (the quality of the white meat was spectacular) served with a traditional tangy thick sauce and very potent Wasabi mashed potatoes.

After a beautiful meal, it was time for the Show-stoppers i.e the Desserts. One of the finest sugar Rush Experiences await you at Mr. Mamagoto.

From the piping hot Pancookie; their signature gooey Chocolate chip cookie served with Ice crum and candied nuts to the Freshly baked Chocolate Lava cake; oozing with molten Chocolate to be had with finest quality Vanilla bean ice cream; The desserts surely sent me into a food coma (helped me achieve foodie Nirvana on a Friday night).

All in all, Mr. Mamagoto has to offer a fine, premium Asian dining Experience with a promise great service and an even better quality of dishes with a climax of spectacular desserts.

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