Double the Love- New Big Hug Burgers from McDonald’s India

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Imagine your favorite McDonald’s burgers but with double the love! Yes, the Big Hug range brings your most loved burgers like McChicken, McVeggie, Filet-o-fish etc. In their double patty avatars. This is a blessing for big foodies like me because now we can get a filling sandwich of our choice of classics. For me it has been the McChicken. The simplicity and deliciousness was always enough but having the double deep fried juicy chicken patties sandwiched inside a soft bun has changed the game because every burger means a stomach-full experience. Now the next one that I’m looking forward to, is a hearty Big Hug Filet-o-fish. The crumbed juicy fish burger is one of their lightest yet yummy burgers and a double patty avatar would certainly take the experience of this seafood burger a notch higher. The Big Hug range is available in all the McDonald’s outlets in North & East regions of the country.

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