Chicken McGrill is Back | McDonald’s India Brings Back the Signature Budget Friendly Chicken Burger

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In a very exciting news for Indian foodies, McDonald’s North and East India has reintroduced Chicken McGrill- one it’s most loved burgers ever.

Picture Credits: @mcdonaldsindia (on Instagram)

The delicious grilled chicken burger loaded with mint mayonnaise and onions had been indefinitely Discontinued. The whole conversation started with an highly organic looking campaign with social media contents creators and comedians. It all started with Abhishek Upmany posting a video stating the beginning of a petition requesting McDonald’s India to bring back the amazing burgers.

In conclusion of the whole campaign and after getting thousands of signatures on the petition, McDonald’s India officially announced the reintroduction of Chicken McGrill.

Upon checking the online delivery menu of our nearest McDonald’s, the burger was indeed available and priced at INR 88 plus taxes.

We just can’t wait to have another bite of this tasty Chicken McGrill after a long time. A while ago, McDonald’s had also introduced it’s Chilli Range of Burgers and the chicken variant (which also has been Discontinued as per our understanding and observation) had a grilled chicken patty reminiscent of the erstwhile Discontinued Chicken McGrill.

A complete review of Chicken McGrill will be shared soon here. 🙂

Which one is your favorite McDonald’s India Burger? Let us know in the comments below.

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