Tasting The Lost Recipes of India at The Great Kabab Factory, Radisson Noida

India has a rich culinary history. So much so that even its remnants are accoladed and loved all around the world. Be it the Lucknow’s Galoutis or Punjab’s Tangdi Kebabs, the rich flavours and spices of our cuisine are as relevant as they could be. Still, it is an intriguing topic to discuss the Lost recipes, the ones that didn’t make it to the modern eateries or couldn’t remain relevant for the modern day diners. There was a very interesting food promotion running at The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) in Radisson…

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Noida’s First Food Festival at Glued Reloaded

glued reloaded noida

Noida’s First food festival, the Pitstop Food Festival is happening at the coolest gaming destination in Noida, Glued Reloaded in Sector 41. Right above the Theo’s Bakery. And they have some tasty delights being served like the decadent and delicious Ice Cream Tacos (waffle tacos filled with Ice Cream and molten chocolate), while you enjoy activities like Pool, Snooker, Bowling, Arcade Gaming and our favorite, Console Gaming. Pitstop Food Festival at Glued Reloaded Noida The festival is on till 29th January 2017 and here is a brief about the amazing…

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For Awesome Food in DLF Mall of India- United Coffee House Rewind

DLF Mall of India welcomed this new legacy of the united group, United Coffee House Rewind, a few days back. UCH at Connaught Place being the elder brother of UCH Rewind has set the niche for serving the people for generations by giving them an unforgettable fine dine experience. Rewind has a classic café like vibe to it with exquisite décor saying it all about the bygone history, a very diverse menu with over 300+ dishes to serve and the music of 70s hitting the right chords and adding the…

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