Karan Marwah on NDTV India- Instagram’s Decision of Removing Likes from Posts

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As you guys might know, I am Karan Marwah- the founder of this food entertainment portal called FOODelhi.in

We are also there on Instagram and last year i.e. in 2019, we touched the magical figure of 100K followers. But that isn’t the only feat we’re proud of. I was invited to a panel at NDTV India’s show- We The People on the subject Instagram- their decision to remove the likes counter and the social media anxiety that a lot of millennial face today. The show aired live on a National level. You can see my opinion and other issues that I raised about this decision and following measures that can be taken. It was an absolute pleasure putting forth my opinion on National level and represent a community of blogger on such a platform. This wouldn’t have been possible without all your support. 

Check out the full show below:

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