Your Quintessential North Indian Diner- Lazeez Affaire CP

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Being an avid lover of the Butter chicken Butter Naan combination, I am surprised I never paid a visit to The Lazeez Affaire- a well known North Indian Diner in Central Delhi earlier. However, things changed on Sunday, 5th May 2019 when I wanted to take my Parents out for a dinner and finally chose the CP outlet (having tried almost every other Butter Chicken fine diner, this became an easy choice).


A rather unnecessary yet pleasing to the eye, ceiling decoration is probably the only thing you’d notice in the restaurant and it gives a rather middle eastern feel to the whole place. Still, it is one of the more aesthetically sound Indian restaurants of the city without the pomp and show.


Austere. Nothing extraordinary yet nothing to complain. The management was polite and always on their toes to serve the never-empty tables on a Sunday evening. Swift problem solving was commendable as we received a cold, undercooked portion of Garlic Naans. This surely adds a feather in their service cap.


Menu consists of your usual Kebabs, main course and also an unexpected Chinese section. We went for the Kalmi Kebabs in Non-Veg- 4 pieces of little pieces of chicken thigh that were all very juicy and flavorful. I think 6 should’ve been a better number considering the 550++ price point.

Paneer Tikka- a good option for Vegetarians which I wasn’t particularly a big fan of. Yet, not too bad either. Your quintessential achari flavors on soft pieces of Paneer finished in the tandoor.

Complimentary portion of crispy rice papads was a very welcome addition and it is something that you’d definitely call a repeat for.

The usual Butter chicken was ordered. They call it the Murgh Makhani. Nice creamy gravy with just the right amount of smokiness, that leaves a nice after-taste. The portion size was decent too as the serving had enough boneless pieces of chicken that easily serves 2.

We also also ordered a portion of Dal Makhani for the vegetarian friends and they thoroughly enjoyed it as well (it is called Dal Lazeez here signalling it be a signature dish of the restuarant).

Areas of improvement- Quantity of starters (read Kalmi Kebabs) and also the taste and quality of the tandoor breads. Not the best Butter/Garlic Naans.

All in all, a highly satisfying experience for those craving for an austere, high quality North Indian meal in a nice setting.

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