Farzi Cafe Experience in DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Where do I even start praising Farzi Café. Flaw less conceptualization, pitch-perfect service, not over-the-top prizes and taste to die for. Farzi Cafe is easily one of the best place to dine in Delhi NCR. Having dined at the Farzi Cafe DLF Cyber City Outlet, I realized what smart, fine dining is all about. It is not just about lavish interiors, what matters the most is getting back a value for both money and time. Farzi Cafe scores full marks in that aspect. I am lucky to have tried almost all the…

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How Farzi Café Blew my Mind

review: farzi cafe in cp

Farzi is an experience in itself. The minds behind the concept of this restaurant totally deserve a standing ovation. Now, from drinks to desserts, from Appetizers to even palate cleansers, there is hardly an item that doesn’t blow your mind off. The concept of Farzi revolves around molecular gastronomy and fusion food. To get the boll rolling, I ordered the alcoholic banta (these are drinks with a perfect balance of kick and flavors, being served in old-school banta bottles). I tried the Aam Panna Flavor and it rocked (my senses). Mind…

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