Why All the Foodies Need to be in Saket Delhi?

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There is something uber cool happening in Saket Delhi, and all the foodies/food lovers/connoisseurs need to be there. No! It is not free food that is being served, but, something even better. The Asian Hawkers Market is live from 23rd to 25th October at the Select City Walk Mall, Saket Delhi.

A Bliss for Foodies in Saket Delhi

With food stalls and food carts by the who’s who of the Gourmet Asian Cuisine being set up for the festival, this is a bliss for foodies and Asian Cuisine lovers in Delhi and the rest of the India as a matter of fact. Yumyumchaa, Pan Asian, Mamagoto, the Fatty Bao, the Artful Baker, Dimsum Bros, all the big names of the Pan Asian Cuisine are serving some of the most delicious dishes full of Asian flavors.

The Line-up of dishes at AHM, Saket Delhi

Dimsums, Baos, Wai-Wai Chinese Bhel, Shrimp Salads, Octopus Takoyaki, Mantao Buns, Sushi Rolls are just some of the wide array of dishes at offer. With prices starting from just ₹ 55/- (a veg Moburg from the Wow! Momo stall), there is a dish for every price range.

Some of the dishes are really worth spending for, like the Grilled Japanese Dimsum, called Takoyaki from the YumYumCha Stall. An all-out burst of Japanese flavors, this is a must-try dish. Price ₹ 200/- a plate.

Asian Hawkers Market at select city walk saket delhi
Clockwise- Crystal Momos, Chicken Sui Cot, Deep Fried Chicken Bao and Chicken Dumplings

The Wai-Wai Noodles stall is there for all the noodle soup lovers. They also have some innovative fusion dishes like the Wai-Wai Bhel.

There were some rave reviews about the Mantao Chicken Buns from Mamagoto Fusion stall. We also really liked the Deep Fried Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Bao (Chicken tenders inside a starch bun) from the Fatty Bao stall.

If you’ve had enough of spices, you can head to the Artful Baker’s stall and try their wonderous looking Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake. Priced at ₹ 300/- a piece, this is indeed an artful creation.

Wow! Momo surprised us with all their scrumptious fusion dishes, which combine comfort food and innovation. We tried the wonderful moburg which was a simple combo of fried momos put inside a fresh bun and dressed with savory sauces like Mayo and Chilli Garlic. Visit the Wow! Momo stall if you love dim sum and don’t want to spend a lot on them. This was one of the most pocket-friendly stalls in the Market.

If you’re still not full of Dim Dums, you can head to the Dimsum Bros. stall and try the pretty looking Crystal Momos, and the Chicken Sui Cot. Basically, the festival is a bliss for all the Momo enthusiasts.

A Carnival of Flavors in Saket Delhi

To sum it up, the Asian Hawkers Market which is live till 25th October at the Plaza, Select City Walk in Saket Delhi, is a food carnival you can hardly afford to miss. The whole exclusivity and the innovation of the festival is applaud-worthy. Some of the biggest chefs from some of the biggest Asian Cuisine chains are working day and night to impart an authentic Pan-Asian culinary experience to you, and all this makes the Asian Hawkers Market an unmissable Asian food festival for all the Food Lovers in the Capital.

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How to Reach Select City Walk, Saket-Location

If you’re coming by Metro, just get off at Malviya Nagar Metro Station on the yellow line. From there, it is just a 5-minute auto-rickshaw ride away. For those who’re driving down, here is the GPS Location link: – Select City Walk Saket Location

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