Circus South Extension 2- A Global Street Food Fiesta

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A Circus has set up shop in South Extension 2. No it is not the one where the ringmaster is the boss, but, the one where chef is the master. Circus, a newly opened restaurant bar in South Ex-2, is one of the coolest properties in the segment, probably the biggest as well. The interiors reek of fun and frolic. From walls to the ceilings, everything is crazily designed (a big mood setter for all those having a hectic day from work).

Circus South Extension-2
The Quirky Fun Interiors

No matter how much quirk and fun has gone into the design, they haven’t diverted from their focus of great food, which itself is created with all the seriousness and expertise. Another USP is the pricing. At approx. ₹ 1500/- for two, this has to be one of the most reasonably priced Restro Bars out there in the same scale and segment.

Also, the place has a ton of exclusive dining/party sections, a very exclusive rooftop section having a view of South Delhi’s skyline (a perfect place to be with 15-20 friends on a good weather day).

Circus South Extension 2- Global Street Food Fiesta

Let’s have a look at the ‘Yays’ and ‘Nays’ from the wonderful menu.

The first delicious thing that deserves a mention, the Mutton Boti Burger. In this one, the patty makes way for flavorful mutton boti crumble with the onions, lettuce and sauces. This fusion burger combined the elements of an Indianized Mutton with the western burger, with a super appetizing presentation with a side of thick cut fries. The combination was heavenly to say the least.

Chicken 65, all the way from Hyderabad, was another delectable and meaty delight. With chunks of chicken tossed in aromatic spices, this was kind of addictive as no one could stop at the first bite.

The Vegetarian Tikki Burger failed to make a mark on my palate. I didn’t find it appetizing. Even if you’re a vegetarian, make sure you tread with caution and order something much better from their vast vegetarian options. Or, if you do feel like trying this one, make sure you gulp it while it is piping hot. A little more number of minutes on the table, and the cooled down patty may leave a bad taste.

The Burmese Chicken Rice Bowl was another culinary delight. With a fusion of so many senses, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, etc., and with a pinch of Coconutty flavors, the bowl was an out and out connoisseur’s delight. Something different from the usual Khao-suey that we’ve had till now as far as the Burmese cuisine is concerned.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza was AMAZING. Especially because of the huge chunks of chicken that were generously topped on each and every slice of the pizza. Chicken and Pizza lovers are up for an absolutely sumptuous taste trip with this one. (Italians could’ve never thought this would happen to their simplistic authentic Pizza)

To fill your tummies and to satiate your cravings for hearty, rich and flavorful meals, they have the tiffin meals. I tried the mutton Ghee roast tiffin and the Goan Pork Curry. I am still drooling over the flavors which resided the Goan Pork Curry tiffin. The aroma that hit, as soon as the tiffin opened, made it althemore irresistible. Juicy and slightly chewy pieces of pork meat, with a burst of spicy Goan flavors. When this was coupled with the second part of the tiffin, the pulao, magic was created for our taste buds. Both of these tiffins were served with Butter fried Buns/Paos.

Circus South Extension-2
Mutton Ghee Roast Tiffin

All in all, the Interiors and the concept might be a great deal for this place to be successful, but the fact is that the food at Circus South Extension 2 is at par with the design. Most of the dishes taste absolutely wonderful and their is a great focus on cocktails and drinks as well. You’ll find the innovative drink called ‘the Masala Gang’ which is an alcoholic concoction available in flavors like Imly and Ram Laddoo (absolutely worth a try). The overall concept for the for menu is inspired the gems of Global Street Food and you’ll surely find and taste the best of it here.

Desserts at South Extension 2

For desserts. we found something really close to our heart and soul. The Aate Ka Halwa, a dessert inspired by and made exactly on the lines of the Kadha Prasad at the Gurudwaras all around the world. They did absolute justice to the dish. Topped with roasted nuts like almonds and cashews, the richness of the dish was spectacular.

Circus South Extension-2
The Yummy Aate Ka Halwa

The Circus Sundae was exactly like circus in a mug, with Ice cream, choco fudge cake, choco wafer sticks and what not. The desserts at Circus indeed took us a step closer to sugar rush Nirvana.

Circus South Extension-2
The Yummy Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake

Double Thumbs up to the Team Circus, they’ve created a gem of a place.


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