Dimsum Lunch at Shang Palace in Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel Delhi

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Having been to almost all the restaurant within Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi, a visit to Shang Palace was long due for me because of tremendous appreciation coming from some of the most respected connoisseurs of the city. Also, the fact that Shang Palace has a dedicated Dim sum Chef, Chef Ye Hai Jun (An in-house Dim Sum Chef? The fact surely made me jump with joy). Finally, I got to visit the Award Winning Chinese restaurant for their on-going promotion, The Shangtastic Dimsum Lunch.

About Shangtastic Dim Sum Lunch

Unlimited Dumplings, One main course (from the signature Clay Pot selection also crafted by Chef Ye Hai Jun) and one dessert (by the way, all of this could be enjoyed by paying just Rs. 1500++). Our experience with the Shangtastic Dim Sum brunch was wonderful and it is one hell of an amazing deal for all those who have been planning a meal at this celebrated Chinese restaurant in Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi.

Spicy Edamame Dimsum and the Stir Fried Tenderloin dimsum

The talented dim sum chef brings to us some fantastic dumplings divided into different categories from the different sections of the kitchen. So you get a choice of Steamed, Fried or Baked Dim Sums with each category bringing its own uniqueness and good taste.

With some fine dumpling selections like the Spicy Edamame, Prawn Har Gao, Tenderloin, Sui Mai, and some wonderful buns & puffs, the lunch experience promises a fulfilling experience as it also includes a choice of one main course from the Chinese Clay Pot menu, followed by a scoop of signature homemade Ice cream.

Let’s take you to a quick tour of the Dim Sum experience at Shang Palace in Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi;

The Colorful basket in the picture below contains the Spicy Edamame Dim Sum & the Stir Fried Tenderloin Dim sum. The latter just bowled me over with its burst of flavors in which the stir fried meat was tossed. Till that point, I hadn’t tried a Tenderloin Dim Sum and I wonder why a lot of Five Stars & Dim Sum specialty restaurants don’t serve it as well.

From the Baked Dim Sum range, the Char Sui Pork Bun deserves a very special mention for it is the best one I’ve had in Delhi. The ultra soft, freshly baked bun packed a juicy sweet & flavorful pork filling. I called for a repeat, obviously.

Char Sui Pork Buns

The Prawn crackling ball was a spectacle of a fried dumpling, with a web of crackers concealing a juicy center of fried prawn meat. I think the good taste of this dumpling must be accredited to the effort required in consuming it.

The out of the box Dim Sum experience at Shang Palace being available at such a bargain is definitely a good news for the foodies in the city who would like to partake a Luxurious yet filling Lunching experience.

Of course, we had to hold back on the dim sums because the Clay pot experience waited for us. The hotel staff told us that this aspect of the Dim Sum lunch was equally painstakingly crafted by Chef & his team.

The Main Course Spread (Samplers)

Our favorite has to be the Chicken Claypot with the cooking technique imparting lingering flavors to the chicken with a host of condiments like lotus root & garlic chillu sauce spiced together to form a harmonious symphony of tantilising falvors for the tastebuds.

The clay pot was served with the pan fried noodles and the wonderful hot stone rice, mixed live on a sizzling tray with crispy potato, pickled chilli and Yunnan chilli chutney. This fiery mix was sumptuous in itself.

After the hearty main course, it was time to try out the much talked about home made ice creams at Shang Palace. Reading about the Corn Ice Cream topped with caramel and pop corn in the menu, I couldn’t wait any longer. Then, there were also options like Mango with Dehydrated Mangoand lavender pearls; Lychee and Coconut, Banana Toffee and what not (which made the choice even more difficult).

A Scoop of Beauty- Mango Ice Cream with Lavender Pearls

We decided to sample multiple of these tempting flavors. The corn Ice cream with caramel popcorn may sound unusual but it is extremely delicious to the last bite. The next best was the Mango ice cream with dehydrated mango bits & lavender pearls with its floral sweetness with an overload of mango.

The Signature Corn Ice Cream

The ice cream experience at Shang Palace was the cherry on the icing for the Dim sum experience which itself was Wonderful. Considering the price for the experience, we must say it shouldn’t be missed. When are you going for your next Shangtastic afternoon?

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