Domino’s Pizza Gets a Major Revamp- Expect Tastier, Heartier Pizzas

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Very few brands have the guts to embrace their shortcomings and use them in their stride. Even though Domino’s Pizza has been India’s most loved Pizza QSR, they have never shied away from genuine feedback.

As soon as the brand realized that the customers need something a lot better, Domino’s took into account the recurring feedback for better pizzas and actually underwent a Major Revamp.

The head chef’s behind the #BadalGaya campaign have successfully ensured that Domino’s Pizza now officially has marginally larger cuts of toppings, tastier herby pizza sauce and a fluffier crust. Together these changes give us a Pizza Experience so fulfilling that you’d want to order it everyday (make sure you have a gym membership too then).

Here is a small glimpse of two pizzas under the revamped range that we recently got a chance to try & taste.

Peppy Paneer- Just look at those jumbo paneer chunks
Veg extravaganza- Extravagant enough.
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