Domino’s Pizza Gets a Major Revamp- Expect Tastier, Heartier Pizzas

Very few brands have the guts to embrace their shortcomings and use them in their stride. Even though Domino’s Pizza has been India’s most loved Pizza QSR, they have never shied away from genuine feedback. As soon as the brand realized that the customers need something a lot better, Domino’s took into account the recurring feedback for better pizzas and actually underwent a Major Revamp. The head chef’s behind the #BadalGaya campaign have successfully ensured that Domino’s Pizza now officially has marginally larger cuts of toppings, tastier herby pizza sauce…

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Crusty Pizza and More- Now at Sector 22 Gurgaon


So my favorite pizza joint is now serving awesomeness at yet another location in Gurgaon. This time it is Sector 22’s turn to be blessed with some delicious, innovative and gourmet pizzas. The Chefs and Creators at Crusty have come up with some really out-of-the box fusion pizzas. The Laal Maas Pizza I have one word for this one, WOW. This explains how much the flavors and spices amazed me and my taste buds. A fusion of Rajasthani and Italian flavors that no one ever thought of. Looking like any…

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Best Pizza in Delhi NCR- The Food in Delhi you Must Try.

Crusty’s Gourmet Pizza and more Review: 5 – “The Best Pizza in Delhi and NCR” by Karan Marwah, written on May 31, 2015   Dominos, Pizza Hut and other such fast food pizza chains have been in Delhi ever since the turn of the 21st Century(sounds heavy, but, we really mean since 1999 or so). The question is, have they revolutionised Pizza in Delhi? Have they brought in a part of Italy? Or have they merely capitalized on the fancy offers, marketing gimmicks and quickening of the pizza making process?…

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