KFC 5 in 1 Zinger Box New Advertisement Targets Competition

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World’s favorite Fried chicken chain, KFC has an amazing value for money meal box in the form of the new 5 in 1 Zinger Box. Containing the chain’s most popular burger, the Zinger, the box is wooing the smart spenders who like to get the best deals while eating out.

Aiming to compete with the Value deals offered by other fast food joints like Mc Donalds and Burger King, the latest advertisement for the 5 in 1 Zinger Box by KFC definitely sends out a message claiming that this box is giving out the maximum number of delights at a competitive price point.

5 in 1 zinger meal box kfc
The Meal Box could be ordered online on online.kfc.co.in

The TVC apparently shows a silhouette of a competing fast food joint’s value box (which is quite obviously a jibe at the economy value meals offered at McDonald’s) and that how it is obvious, not for a tube light but for humans, that the 5 in 1 Zinger Box has more no. of items and hence suggesting that it should be an obvious choice for the foodies.

KFC 5 in 1 Zinger Box Contents

The 5 in 1 Zinger Meal Box has the following KFC Favorites;

  • Chicken Zinger Burger
  • 1 pc. Veg Strip
  • Lotte Choco Pie
  • 2 pcs. hot wings

KFC 5 in 1 Zinger Box Price

The 5 in 1 Zinger meal Box is priced at just ₹ 149 (Taxes Extra).

So what are your thought on the advertisement? And, what would you choose? McDonald’s Economy Value Meal or KFC’s 5 in 1 Zinger Box! Comment with your answers and help us decide a winner!

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