5 Reasons to Choose this Luxury Resort near Delhi- The Lalit Mangar Experience

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Who knew that just 50 KMs from our city, i.e. Delhi, we would get an option of a 5-Star Luxury Resort that is so close to the serenity of nature while being further away from all the noise and pollution. Well, this resort near Delhi has surprised us on many levels and here in this Travel Blog, we’ll enlighten you about the reasons best suited for you to choose The Lalit Mangar as your next Staycation destination!

Luxury Resort near Delhi- The Lalit Mangar Introduction

Situated on the Faridabad-Gurugram Road, it usually take 1-2 Hours to reach this opulent property. This makes it the nearest serene getaway destination for our friends in Delhi who do not wish to travel too far and still get an experience of their lives. The property is surrounded by the rocky Aravali Hills, hence, the view from each room is breath-taking.


Made by a novel Rammed Earth Technique, the architecture of The Lalit Mangar is reminiscent of a fortress, spread in length. The pathway from the entrance to the last room is a long stretch, giving you ample space to take evening strolls. The rammed earth technique gives a rustic, calming look and at the same time, gives the rooms a comfortable temperature (not too cold in winters and not too hot during summers).

P.S. Also watch for the adorable little mascot, the female deer, as she appears every now and then to welcome the guests.



Coming to the 5 awesome reasons which’ll make you want to book this resort near Delhi, right away!

1. Your Lungs need a BREAK from the Delhi’s Pollution

Every other day, the newspapers are stormed with declarations about Delhi’s fatal pollution levels. This is indeed a rising problem for us Delhi-ites. Hence, it is very important that we give our lungs a break and breath fresh air for a weekend at least. We were told that the vicinity this resort near Delhi, houses around 6 Lac trees. Hence, won’t it be great for your health to stay at a place, where there is fresh air in plenty and the surroundings are full of greenery and peace? Yes, that is the magic of Mangar, The Lalit Mangar.

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2. Adrenaline Rush is waiting for you at The Lalit Mangar

The Lalit Mangar has its own adventure camp that offers activities like Zip Lining, Rock Climbing and Obstacle courses under expert supervision. You can get some your dose of adrenaline rush, a weekend escape from the mundane work hours. The rock climbing was done on the real rocks of the Aravali Range, and zip lining also involved an Aravali rocky cliff. The Lalit Mangar offers an authentic adventure experience to test your limits.

We also engaged in obstacle courses and the super-fun team building exercises (this was the time we all went crazy).

3. Their Curated Experience will Satisfy your Traveler Senses

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. At The Lalit Mangar, it is all about the native experience. You’ll surely get a taste of the nearby Mangar Village by the influenced food and the curated rural experience, then the one-of-its-kind Tapri experience would make your evenings as you enjoy your evening cutting chai, made in front of your eyes on a small Tapri aka Mini Cart with some sweet meets and confections.


Have you been a Star Gazer? Well, being in Delhi or other Metropolitan cities, we can hardly see the best of the night sky. Not in Mangar though, being located in the middle of a place that is fairly far away from the city lights, you can get your share of laid-back star gazing. Our Celestial experience at The Lalit Mangar was so good that we even got to see the rings of Saturn, via a high-powered telescope set up by the Astronomy experts.

The evening Cultural Music sessions had their own charm and did bring us a fair share of calm, as we sat and enjoyed our cutting chai, under the shade of star with the sturdy Aravali Hills standing tall and giving us a sense of security.

4. Unwind at The Time Reversal Spa

Although the silence and fresh air at The Lalit Mangar is therapeutic enough, the Time Reversal Spa adds to that de-stressing character of the property. It is just the right place for you to sit back and relax as the expert masseuses help you get rid of the negativity, both from the mind and the body.

Source: thelalit.com
Source: thelalit.com

5. One Restaurant but Numerous Delights

With an austere single Restaurant, the Chefs at The Lalit Mangar have indeed done a great job in bringing a mix of both Comfort and Regional food to the table for the Guests at this resort near Delhi. While the buffet offered us a superb Breakfast spread, baked beans and sausages being our favorite, it was the Indian food was something that raised the bar. The delectal Bhunja or Bhoona Maans had succulent pieces of mutton cooked in an array of spices that were not brimming with unnecessary spices, but still had that wonderful sumptuous lingering of masalas. A quick chat with the Chef enlightened me about the freshness of the condiments used in the curry.


The famous Dal Baluchi (a specialty of the Baluchi restaurant in The Lalit Delhi) was also one of the options and it was as delicious as ever. Also, a wonderful range of Chicken and Mutton Kebabs were served to us, and I must say what a culinary delight that evening was. Food is one of the things I looked forward to, after each phase of the day during my stay at this Serene 5-Star resort near Delhi, just 50 Kilometers away, to be precise.


A special thanks to team So Delhi (Delhi’s most loved city guide) for making this trip happen!

Coming back to the room just to find this delight
Coming back to the room just to find this delight


The Lalit Mangar

Address: Camp Wild Road
Near Mangar Police Chowki,
Faridabad-Gurgaon Road, Faridabad, Haryana – 121001

Email: mangar@thelalit.com

Tel: +91 129 715 7777


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