Meatigo Meat Delivery- Product Review

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Meatigo Meat Delivery sent in a couple of their products.


The Paprika Chicken Ham made for some uber delicious grilled sandwiches (just make sure that you cut down on too many sauces/condiments because that would overpower the flavor of paprika being a bit subtle).

Made a home-made Hot Dog with the chicken sausages from Prassuma (added Nando’s Peri Peri sauce for the final touch). The sausages by MeatiGo had the perfect mix of chicken meat and light spices. The subtle spices may take a backseat at the first bite, but as and when you savor them, the spice does kick in.


Now, the best product has to be the free range chicken breast Meatigo. Free range chicken has an unmatched flavor when compared with the factory raised broiler. Full respect to Meatigo for going the organic, farm raised chicken. We made a unique Butter Chicken Breast (chicken breast chunks tossed in a gravy consisting of tomatoes, onion, cashew nuts, butter and a host of Indian spices. The chicken made all the difference, because nothing beats free range chicken. I don’t think I would ever like to have a broiler in my house, for any of the home-cooked gravies. Don’t believe me, try it out yourself, order from Today!


The packaging was also on-point. Thermal insulated bags and cold packs ensured the retained freshness for the meats.

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