A Lavish North Indian Dinner at Ardor Lounge, CP

A restaurant should be judged not only by its food and service but also its vibe and ambiance. Well, ardor scores a near perfect score on all of these. The charm of this place would certainly be even more enjoyable when go on a slightly less crowded day say a Tuesday or a Thursday when the place is quiter and you have all the time to sit back relax and enjoy your drink along with some lovely live music courtesy of their amazing mandolin artist. When it comes to food,…

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China Garden- A Made in India Bouquet from the Orient

The Legacy of China Garden I recently visited one of the finest¬†Oriental Fine Diners in India, China Garden. The legacy of China Garden is as interesting as the taste of the dishes served here. How would it feel to dine at a place that popularized the whole Indo-Chinese culinary culture in the nation? Well, the answer is a straightforward word, ‘Spectacular’. Started by Mr. Nelson Wang, a son of a Chinese Immigrant, ¬†in 1983. His experiments clubbing Indian ingredients with corn starch and soya sauce gave birth to the legendary…

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Best Restaurant in CP? (The Unplugged Courtyard Experience)

Unplugged Courtyard CP Delhi

Now there are very few fine diners that’ll serve you such awesomeness that you’d call it ‘An Experience‘. Here is Unplugged Courtyard at CP, New Delhi. The place where I had a dining experience like never before. Mind you, this is the experience which #FOODelhi Strongly Recommends. Is Unplugged Courtyard the Best Restaurant in CP? As soon as you enter the UC, you’re welcomed by a fancy entrance with ground lights on the entrance path. You get an idea there and then about the awesomeness of the ambiance at this…

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