Best Restaurant in CP? (The Unplugged Courtyard Experience)

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Now there are very few fine diners that’ll serve you such awesomeness that you’d call it ‘An Experience‘. Here is Unplugged Courtyard at CP, New Delhi. The place where I had a dining experience like never before. Mind you, this is the experience which #FOODelhi Strongly Recommends.

Is Unplugged Courtyard the Best Restaurant in CP?

As soon as you enter the UC, you’re welcomed by a fancy entrance with ground lights on the entrance path. You get an idea there and then about the awesomeness of the ambiance at this place.

Unplugged Courtyard CP Delhi

The first thing to your right, as soon as the restaurant begins, is the beautiful courtyard (you couldn’t have guessed that from the name of this place). With spherical lights floating below a tree, under which you can drink, dine and have a great time. A flight of wrought iron takes you to an even more, beautiful seating space viz. the Terrace. You’re welcomed to this terrace by a live grill which they call the Brai. This is where a dedicated menu of Portuguese-inspired dishes like the Peri-Peri chicken is prepared fresh and hot. The ambiance of this place is surreal. I will go one step ahead and call it one of the most beautiful properties in Delhi.

Starting with the drinks, The Nutty Jack was a delicious blend of peanut butter, Vanilla, and Jack Daniels with Coffee Smoke. Subtle and sweet nutty flavors topped by the strongness of JD. Drink it if you’re a whiskey lover and don’t mind a bit of sugar rush as well.

The Giardino was a refreshing and well-presented version of the mojito. This was different from mojito because of its ingredients. They used basil, Bacardi and pomegranate juice. The way this drink was presented was the highlight of the drinking experience at the Unplugged Courtyard.

Appetizers at the UC were next level delicious and even more innovative. We started with the Punjabi Falafel. Conventional Falafel with a twist of Pindi Channa. The variety of authentic dips and sides made this a wholesome Turkish snack with a twist our very own Punjabi flavors.

#FOODelhi Recommends the Chilly Paneer Ghosla from the Unplugged Courtyard. Crispy fried noodle basket filled with fiery chilly paneer and topped with a perfectly melted slice of pure Amul Cheese. You’ll end up ordering more of this one.

Fan of Kebabs? Will then you must try this yummy get away from the traditional Seekh Kebabs. Prepared on a Cane (Ganna) Stick, the sumptuous Ganna Chicken was full of juices and flavors. For best results, you’re supposed to eat of the Ganna as well.

Gol Gol Galouti Kebabs. Lamb minced delicate and spherical kebabs served on tiny little paranthas. Found that instant burst of flavors somewhat missing in this one. Nevertheless, the conceptualization was bang on.

Make sure you eat off the Brai (Portuguese Live Grill) right away. This is because there is a major missing of flavors once they get cold. From the Brai, I totally LOVED the Piri Piri Chicken Thighs (chicken tenders that were char grilled with just the right amount of spices) and the Dippy Dogs (Fiery Hot Grilled Chicken Frankfurters).

[Desserts at Unplugged Courtyard deserve a separate Blog Post- COMING UP]

MOMOS Mania at the Unplugged Courtyard

With a dedicated section and menu for Delhi’s street food item, there is an amazing range of Momos at the Unplugged Courtyard.

Maggi Momos. This may sound weird, but being a Maggie and Momo lover, this is one of the most satisfying and appetizing dishes I’ve had. Perfectly cooked masala maggie noodles inside perfectly steamed dim sums. We give this one a big thumbs up.

Chilly Chicken Momos. These were closer to the conventional chicken dim sums that we Delhiites love. Try these if you like no experiment with your beloved Momos.

Tandoori Chicken Momos. The Indian Twist of the pulled Chicken Tikka within the (usually) steamed crust. This would’ve been even better had the crust been Barbequed to make them a version of their own Tandoori Momos.

Cheese and Onion Momos. A vegetarian’s delight, these dim sums were simplistic yet delicious.

Now coming to the most thoughtful and well present dish at the Unplugged Courtyard CP, the Aam Aadmi Chicken. A proper meal in itself, the dish is carried from the kitchen by the server using a stick tied to a Potli containing the dish in a tiffin box. The served rings a jingle bell while he brings the dish to your table. As much fun as it was to see it, the taste is unexplainably India. With Rice, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, and Laccha Parantha crumbled into a tiffin box after being cooked together in an Onion and Tomato Gravy, this was literally a wholesome meal to have after a long day at work.

For Main-course, the Trafalgarh Chicken Curry is strongly recommended because of the extremely aromatic and deliciously spiced flavors that totally stand out.

FOODelhi Grade Card for Unplugged Courtyard CP

Service- 4.5/5

Food- 4.5/5

Ambiance- 5/5

Value for Money- 3.5/5

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