A Bite from an Emperor’s Platter- Dehlnavi Culinary Trail at The Delhi Pavilion

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It is true that the real spice of Delhi’s cuisine is to be found inside the Labyrinth’s of the Walled City.

However, it is also true that Delhi Pavilion is an excellent alternative for all those not willing to embark upon the street style journey for exploring great food from the Mughlai Treasure.

The restaurant offers a lip-smacking Experience of our city’s Mughlai cuisine which is authentic in its own essence. The Dehlnavi Culinary Trail Menu at Delhi Pavilion gives you a chance to choose from the finest, richest dishes from the treasures of our city & the erstwhile Shahjahanabad.

Amongst our favorites, there was this tangy & sweet Khasta Kachori Chaat with oodles of tamarind chutney and curd on a bed of Khasta Kachodi and papdis mixed with an assortment of chickpea and potatoes.

Then, the Seekh Mirza was a delicious charcoal grilled lamb kebab, each bite of which filled the mouth with a burst of juices with a backdrop of smokey lamb meat which almost melted on the taste buds.

Vegetarians need not worry about missing out on the Kebab experience as the Delhi Pavilion offers a wonderful Baqla Bean Kebab. The kebab although wasn’t half as juicy as the Non-Veg kebabs are, but its dryness actually houses its great flavour and texture. The crispy outer crust added a nice dimension to the protein rich vegetarian kebab.

Oh well, how can I possibly miss out on the Dal Dehlnavi. A rich moth & split moong Dal (yellow lentil) preparation served with a crisp biscuitty roti. The aroma of the Dal cooked on low heat probably in Desi – Ghee and the sight of the it topped with chopped Chillies, roasted cumin & ginger juliennes was enticing enough to cut down on the picture-clicking effort and rather enjoy the dish while it was piping hot. The Dal acts as a dipping sauce for the sweet biscuitty roti and together they create a beautiful symphony of a mouthful of Flavours.

As we were enjoying the lavish appetizers, I couldn’t help but fall in awe of the grandeur of the restaurant that is housed inside the lavish Sheraton Hotel, Saket. The signature ITC Hospitality absolutely accentuates the entire dining Experience.

As soon as I was done with gazing at the huge wall of Delhi Pavilion that was filled with some intriguing pieces of Urdu poetry, it was time for the main-course aspect of the Dehlnavi Culinary trail commemorative of the World Toursim Day (read Week) 2017.

How can we miss out on Mutton Nihari when Mughlai food is in discussion. The velvety smooth gravy rich in oil that acted as a facilitator for excessive calorie intake during the Mughlai era. At Delhi Pavilion, the dish was as well made as it could be. It came with a twist of a strong yet delightful saffron aroma. The velvety rich gravy had some tender pieces of slow cooked shanks which absorbed the aromas and spices well.

As a butter chicken lover, I have an inherent bias towards the dish. Here at Delhi Pavilion, they serve the All Time Delhi Butter Chicken. Their version is Characterized by a delicious and buttery gravy that had a chunky thick texture. It was topped with full cream & butter adding to the richness and taste. The boneless pieces of well cooked and tender chicken completed the butter chicken, rendering it a taste that was addictive & unforgettable.

After devouring a Mughlai Meal that would’ve filled even the Mughal emperors with envy, it was time for our Dessert- the Delhi Way. We were served a wonderful & refreshing Dehlnavi Kulfi that came inside a glass larger than my face. It was filled with chilled Falooda that hugged the melting saffron & pistachio Kulfi. A dessert that would turn the fiercest of summer into Delhi’s winter.

To sum it up, I’d like to repeat; The Dehlnavi Culinary Trail Menu at Delhi Pavilion inside the Sheraton Hotel, Saket gives you an option to enjoy a Mughlai Meal as lavish and delicious as a Mughal emperor would’ve savoured a couple of 100 years ago.


UPDATE: Delhi Pavilion recently completed two years of its sumptuous existence. And we were honored to be a part of the Luxury Insta Meet celebrating the feat. It was a fun filled afternoon full of great food, free flowing cocktails and of course great Company of the fellow bloggers, influencers and Team ITC. You can check-out the highlights of this wonderful event on


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