The Charm of Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar GK-1

Missing out on my chance to try out the delicacies served by Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar at the Palate Fest, I was looking forward to a meal at this intriguing gastro pub in GK-1 M-Block Market. What I liked and What I didn’t at Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar GK-1 Started the tasting session with an innovative drink called Whiskey Sour with Nimbu ka Achaar. This spicy, tangy twist to the conventional whiskey sour is a welcomed one, but only for those who won’t mind a bit of spiciness in their…

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Which is the Best Coffee Maker You Can Buy in India?

Buy Best coffee maker in India

Coffee is the life line of artists, working professionals, students and all productive people. This is the beverage that allows people to work for longer and the same helps people get up early in the morning too. Coffee is undeniably our lifestyle partner and hence, it deserves to be made in the best way possible. The question is.. How to Select the Best Coffee Maker? Well, a Coffee maker isn’t that common an appliance in India. However, Coffee as a beverage still has its share of popularity. You’ll always find…

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