Uzzuri Deli Janpath- Serving Delicious Getaways and Desserts

Why you must visit the Uzzuri Deli Janpath

Uzzuri Deli in Janpath looks a like a pretty little European Cafe located on a busy lane in the Shopping haven called Janpath. As soon as you enter, you couldn’t help but notice a bakers’ refrigerator stocking fresh and beautiful looking cakes. Sit down in this comfortable and lively Deli while you sip on some hot coffee or an Uber cool cocktail. Food at Uzzuri Deli Janpath For appetizers, they have some fresh salads. I liked the Barbeque Chicken Salad for the quality of chicken and the way it was…

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Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Range of Tasty Coffees

Dunkin' Donuts' Coffee

Coffee is our lifeline beverage. From waking us up to energizing us for that hectic day, it also is one of the most enjoyed hot beverages. In this age of competition and hundreds of outlets and a couple of big player, we wonder how could one stand out? Here is where Dunkin’ Donuts just won our heart. Being our favorite donut, burger and coffee outlet, we always love what they offer. However, with their latest range of coffees, their game has levelled up. New Coffees by Dunkin’ Donuts India We’ll…

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Which is the Best Coffee Maker You Can Buy in India?

Buy Best coffee maker in India

Coffee is the life line of artists, working professionals, students and all productive people. This is the beverage that allows people to work for longer and the same helps people get up early in the morning too. Coffee is undeniably our lifestyle partner and hence, it deserves to be made in the best way possible. The question is.. How to Select the Best Coffee Maker? Well, a Coffee maker isn’t that common an appliance in India. However, Coffee as a beverage still has its share of popularity. You’ll always find…

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