The Charm of Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar GK-1

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Missing out on my chance to try out the delicacies served by Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar at the Palate Fest, I was looking forward to a meal at this intriguing gastro pub in GK-1 M-Block Market.

What I liked and What I didn’t at Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar GK-1

Started the tasting session with an innovative drink called Whiskey Sour with Nimbu ka Achaar. This spicy, tangy twist to the conventional whiskey sour is a welcomed one, but only for those who won’t mind a bit of spiciness in their drinks.

The watermelon cooler was refreshingly delicious and is highly recommend for those who want to destress after a long day at work.

Then they have the typical bar snacks in the form of Chicken Tikka (succulent, well-roasted and rubbed with the finest quality of marinades and spices) and Drums of Heaven (Fried, oriental chicken goodness, nothing special though).

After these Bar snacks, I was served the WINNER. This was the super delicious Pork steamed Bao. Now, I am not a Bao connoisseur, nevertheless, this one was in the form of a huge dim sum filled with a delectable pork mince and topped with a different yet delicious roasted peanut chutney. What a Bao it was! Thoroughly enjoyed this dish and would recommend it to you all.

Then they have nice and hearty thin crust pizzas. I really liked the very meaty Pizza Gastronomica. The toppings were generously spread and the crust and the cheese were well baked. Just how I like my Pizzas to be.

Gastronomica also has the Wasabi Chicken Sliders. These are filled to the brim with a very strong flavor and aroma (no points for guessing because we’re talking about Wasabi here). Would only recommend this to those up for a strong spice game on their taste buds.

The tasting session ended with the drool worthy Ferrero Rocher Gulab Jamun. Our favorite Indian treat fused with our favorite western treat to get something magical in a bowl. This was the regular gulab jamun minus the sugar syrup but plus some liquefied Nutella and candied nuts.

The service fine but the ambiance was amazing. The wonderful live music added several stars to the vibes I received from this place.

FOODelhi Grade Card for Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar, GK-1

Food- 3.5/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ambiance- 4/5

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