Pranzo Eccellente; 4-Course Super Lunch at Sorrento, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel

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Sorrento is one of my favorite Italian Restaurants in the city. That is not just because they serve the highest quality Italian food, but also because they have that zeal for always bringing something new to our table every now & then.

This time, they have launched their brilliant and affordable super lunch menu called Pranzo Eccellente

The 4-Course super Lunch menu includes a scrumptious range of Salads, Pasta, Plated signature mains or fresh wood-fire Pizzas and home-made gelatos; which can be Savored at a very reasonable price of Rs. 1500++.

My meal started with a garden fresh handcrafted Mozzarella salad with fresh tomato. As I gorged on the tasty salad with the freshest mozzarella chunks, I also decided to make good use of the al-fresco seating at Sorrento which I believe is one of the most beautiful settings for a restaurant in New Delhi. The garden view and the garden fresh salad united to give a refreshing start to my Super Lunch.

Then came my favorite part of any Italian meal, the Primo course i.e. the Pasta Course. I got my eyes on this interesting dish called Chicken & Mushroom Tortalleni and of course, all the three prime ingredients being my favorite, I had to go for this pasta. The decision turned out to be ‘Eccellente” and the delicate cheese stuffed pasta was tossed in a beautiful & creamy sauce full of tasty chicken & mushroom bits, making it a pasta rich in textures & flavors.

From their Gem-like Wood Oven Pizzeria, you can try out the ultimate Neapolitan Pizzas. I specifically loved the Grilled Chicken topping with a generous drizzle of cream. The Salami Picante also deserves a very special mention because of its ultimate season flavors.

Don’t want to go for the Pizzas? Then you can go for their plated mains; their signature Sea Bass has always been my favorite and there was something about the serving I had this time that I fell in love with the dish even more. The quantity & quality of Mushrooms & of course the Sea Bass was commendable.

When done & dusted with the hearty three courses, the final course has a treat for Chocolate lovers in the form of Belgian Chocolate Home-made Gelato. And, if you have to like Cheesecakes, you have to leave everything and head to Sorrento to have the creamiest ever Cream Cheese Gelato ice cream.

So, for those of you eyeing to try out Sorrento’s gourmet Italian delights, Pranzo Eccellente Super Lunch will be your perfect introduction to Italian culinary treasure of the restaurant.

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