Ardor 2.1 in Connaught Place: Dine Like the Nawabs of Lucknow

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The culinary heritage of India is incomplete without the mention of Nawabi Cuisine. The cuisine is everything royal when we talk about the taste, the aroma and the fulfilling factor. Hence, sensing a dip in the popularity in this spectacular cuisine, Ardor 2.1 has come up a great initiative for the foodies to fall back in love with the Nawabi Food.

Master Chef Dinesh Patel cooking Nawabi Magic at Ardor 2.1

Team FOODelhi was delighted to be present at the launch event of the Nawabi Food Festival at this wonderful Indian food restaurant in Connaught Place, which was attended by Master Chef India Finalist Dinesh Patel; who cooked some beautiful Nawaabi Delights using his extraordinary culinary skill which we’re all familiar with by the means of the TV show. The event was attended by the who’s who of the Food Blogging Industry in Delhi, and after the master class, all the attendees dined together on a Nawaabi style feast table, placed in front of a wonderful Live Ghazal session by Sameer Khan Niazi & Aamir Salim.

Mr. Suveet Kalra with Master Chef Dinesh

The Nawaabi Food Festival at Ardor 2.1 has some sumptuously royal delights and the very first one that comes to my mind is the Mutton Galouti Kebab. The talented chefs at Ardor 2.1 pay tribute to Khansama Galouti by the means of this classic Nawabi kebab. Khansama Galouti was the head chef in the kitchen that prepared food for Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Nawab Shah in his old-age eventually lost the ability to chew but was still able to enjoy these superbly tender kebabs which melt in the mouth, due to Khaansama’s spectacular culinary skills. The Galoutis served at Ardor surely take us back to the time of Nawab Shah with its wonderful burst of flavors and spices.

Then there was the Lucknowi Chaamp; our favorite char grilled mutton ribs (and not shank). The tender and succulent mutton prepared in a marinade brimming with lingering spices.

Mutton ki Gilafi Seekh scored high on both presentation and taste, as the piping hot kebab was brought to us in a Nawabi bowl.

For our Vegetarian connoisseurs out there, I would like to say that there are plenty of options for them at the Nawabi Food festival. Be it the toothsome Tawa Sabzi Taka Tak or the crispy fried goodness of the Kaju Khoya ki Kurkuri Tikka, a delightful blend of dry fruits, cheese, khoya, and potatoes.

The main course again is an experience in itself, with Dal Sahi Makhmali (the royal take on the buttery lentil classic, Dal Makhani) and the Mutton Qorma (tangy flavorful and velvety gravy with succulent and well-cooked mutton chunks) being one the highlights.

For desserts, I tried the winter classic Moong Dal ka Halwa and loved every bite of this grainy rich sweet dish full of dry fruits. Then the other favorite was the creamy and frothy Phirni, which again was very delicious and served well in an earthen bowl. Both these dishes were inspired by not only the Nawabi Era but also by Mom’s magic of cooking in our own childhood days.


The Nawabi Food Festival at Ardor 2.1 is intriguing in many ways. The Era was all about luxury and hearty meals as the Nawabs indulged in long hunting trips that required them to eat a diet full of fat and proteins. The cuisine of that era charecterized by the Nawab’s Khansamas indeed fulfilled these requirements with the Nawab’s meals consisting of gravies full of ingredients like Cashewnuts, and of course other rich dry-fruits.

In today’s age, we all can live the lives of the Nawabs with restaurants like Ardor 2.1 offering a culinary experience so rich and indulgent, and at the same time, telling a story of a lifetime. Not only that, the Nawabi festival offers unlimited Nawabi food at a fixed buffet price (yes you read that right). Hence, you can head to Ardor 2.1 with your eyes closed and get an unmatched and hearty Nawabi dining experience without a burning a hole in your pocket.

Below are more details and prices for the Nawabi Food Festival;

Nawabi Food Festival Menu
Nawabi Food Festival Buffet Prices

Image Credits: and Tasveer 50 mm

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