Cafe Why Not- Food in Delhi University

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NOTE: this restaurant has most probably permanently closed at the location mentioned in this article. Kindly verify with the right sources before visiting.

Nothing is taken more seriously than the food in Delhi. Hence, even academia is far from separated from the question one asks, ‘Where to eat today? So here is the review for an amazing new cafe in Satya Niketan, Cafe Why Not?

Cafe Why Not Delhi Food

The South Campus of the University of Delhi is known for its competition with the North Campus, not because of just academic rivalry, but also the rivalry between the number of eating options and hang out venues near the colleges of both the regions of the University. The North Campus has Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane as the hub for all the students to eat and dine at the restaurants with novel themes and highly innovative menus.

The same purpose is solved by the very happening Satya Niketan Market for the students studying in the South Campus colleges. In this market, there is one restaurant that is taking the innovative menus to the next level with some crazy yet interesting sounding dish names and quirky interiors. The name is Cafe Why Not? And, indeed the same question comes to your mind when you read the menu, WHY NOT?

Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan- The Review

One of the largest cafes in Satya Niketan, the place has some interesting interiors, from small memorabilia on the tables, rustic wooden tables, witty wall hangings and what not is there to intrigue you while you wait for your slowly cooked Wood Fired Pizzas.

The USP of Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan are the Wood-Fired Pizzas. Thin crusted and with some interesting fusion toppings, we totally fell in love with the Pizzas they had to offer. Here are the few of the pizzas we tried:

The Free Zone

Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan

Shanghai Chicken

Cafe Why Not Zomato Review

Impresso Chicken Pizza

All three of them were delicious, but if you really want to choose, go for the Impresso Pizza.

The other dishes they offer to serve are also as innovative and delicious as the fusion wood fired pizzas. Here are the other delicious dishes served at Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan:

Baked Momos: Baked momos impart a delicious smoky flavour which goes amazing with the yummy chicken filling.

Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan

Chilly Chicken Burger: Huge bagel bun with the oriental chilly chicken chunks along with the chopped onion and capsicum that is the life of the delicious chilli flavour. The combination is indeed a delectable one.

best food in delhi university satya niketan cafe why not

Chicken Tikka Pasta: Pasta tossed in Makhani Gravy with chicken tikka, need we say more? This is the perfect Indo-Italian dish for those who wish to try pasta with a scrumptious north Indian twist.

Jalapeno Popper Burger: The delicious jalapeno flavoured vegetarian patty inside fresh burger bun, served with the savory chipotle mayonnaise. The accompaniments in the form of well cooked and finely sliced Potato French Fries go along perfectly with this nom-nom worthy burger.

Desserts in Delhi’s Cafe Why Not

Chocolate Mud Cake– The all-time favorite mud cake, freshly baked and served in style. You couldn’t call your meal complete until you’ve ordered this sinful chocolate delight.

Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan

Oreo Cheese Cake– The delicious cheese cake with a twist of oreo base. A yummy and refreshing dessert

All in all, the Cafe Why Not in Satya Niketan is indeed an amazing visit for all the foodies want to try some innovative yet not over-the-top dishes. Go for the fun interiors, delicious wood fired pizzas and some really innovative dishes like the Chilly Chicken Burger. It has all the qualities of a Satya Niketan Cafe yet it stands out for providing a unique fusion food experience.

FOODelhi Grade Card for Satya Niketan Cafe Why Not

Ambience- 4/5

Food- 4.5/5

Service- 3.5/5

Value for Money- 4.5/5

Overall-  4/5


Cafe Why Not Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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