Dimcha- Dimsums, Chai & Fun Unlimited

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Gourmet Dimsums and More at Dimcha in Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place

Dimcha is a newly-launched diner in the Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place. This restaurant, from the house of Dao, offers a wonderful Dimsum and Tea experience with its signature menu of gourmet momos presented in different fillings, colors and served with an assortment of sauces.

As for the interiors, they have simple and minimalist decor with quirky food quotes on the walls and tiny metal chairs for most of the tables. They also have a veranda where you sit during a good windy day and enjoy your favorite dimsums and chai.

dimcha-nehru-place (4)

For food, one must try the Chicken Dimsum in Oyster Sauce. This wonderful and carefully crafted dimsum was filled with delicious chicken mince and the dimsum itself was tossed in a slightly sweet yet nicely seasoned oyster sauce, adding a great dimension to the dish. This dish was indeed my favorite one from the lot. The presentation itself though minimalist, is beautiful enough for you to take out your phone and start clicking pictures.

dimcha-nehru-place (33)

There were other options for dimsums (which indeed looked like pieces of art rather than food). One such dimsum was the Spicy Prawn. This red colored dimsum with a lining of spicy sauce, pieces of which were beautifully stacked in the basket, was yummy because of the nice blend of spicy sauce and prawn meat.

dimcha-nehru-place (17)

Vegetarians can also enjoy their share of amazing dimsums, the Kenya Bean dimsum was another piece of art. Must applaud the way all the pieces are neatly moulded. This one had a very subtle and fresh flavor, use of chilly oil was a must to enjoy the dimsum to its full potential.

dimcha-nehru-place (46)

They also serve delicious and flavorful hot soups. The sweet and sour taste of the Baa Mee Tom coupled with an assortment of vegetables and noodles was just too good. Some fiery hot goodness, served fresh in a bowl.

dimcha-nehru-place (40)

They also have aromatic rice bowls with vegetarian, fried chicken, and minced chicken toppings. I personally loved the minced chicken rice bowl for fried rice always works well with the chicken mince, more so when it is cooked in Oriental flavors.

dimcha-nehru-place (14)

Our meal ended with a nice and rich slice of chocolate cake (not a lot of options for the desserts)

dimcha-nehru-place (6)

All in all, Dimcha is primarily about dimsums and it indeed excels in that area. Also, being tad-bit small, on a very busy day you may feel the service to be slow. However, there you must keep in mind that they are making fresh food and not just warming up frozen goodies.

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