Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory- Best Waffles in Town?

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Recently visited the Janpath outlet of the Smoothie Factory also known as the Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory. As the name may not suggest, the place has some delicious options of sandwiches, flat-breads and pastas apart from delicious smoothies and coffee. The Janpath outlet is particularly special because of its location near to but secluded from the hustle and bustle of the Busy lanes in Connaught Place. This one is located next to the Cottage Emporium in Janpath. So on a good rainy day, you can actually take the seat right in front of the glass doors and view the cars zapping by, while being seated amidst a plush green lawn.

Sugar Rush with Smoothies and Coffees at the Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory

Coming to the smoothies/drinks, I tried the the Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie. It felt like I was drinking chilled nutella. Absolute sugar rush guaranteed. Then their White Chocolate Mocha was the perfect kind of cold coffee you can have this Summer. Perfect amount of sugar, coffee and well, just the right amount of white chocolate. One of my favorite cold coffees of all time. They also have a lot of berry and citrus based (read healthy) smoothie options for all you fitness freaks.


Quick and Filling Bites at the Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory

Coming to food, unlike other coffee shops, the food is made fresh and is a great getaway from the usual cold sandwiches. The menu is a blessing for the foodies. They serve Grilled/Baked hearty focaccia sandwiches, crispy flat-breads, a range of Pasta and last but not the least the delicious waffles.

The flat-bread are a must-try. Yummy rectangular thin crust base baked with cheese, jalapenos and an overload of corn.  Just drizzle your favorite sauce either ketchup or mustard and you’ve gotten yourself a yummy snack to go perfectly with smoothie or cold coffee.

If you’re feeling hungry and want to have something filling, go for the hearty baked/grilled focaccia sandwiches. I tried the Chicken Tandoori Focaccia and it was both, filling and delicious. Tender and hearty chunks of chicken tossed in the spicy tandoori spices, sandwiched between the seasoned Focaccia bread. Use both, ketchup and mustard for that perfect kick of sweet and spicy flavors.

I had issues with the Mushroom Alfredo Pasta because it was a tad bit unevenly heated. Nevertheless, if they get the heating/cooking right with this one. What I liked in the Pasta? The quantity of chicken chunks and the not-too-creamy alfredo sauce. You can skip this one as they have much better dishes on their menu, and if you really feel like ordering it, I must say it wasn’t that bad.


Now comes the showstopper, the Chocolate Chip Waffles. Now these weren’t the ordinary waffles, these had chocolate chips fused into the waffle batter. These multi-grain waffles had melted chocolate chips in every bite. Very easy to cut and lightly crispy to bite, we chose the white and milk chocolate as the toppings. Had a gala time having these waffles and would easily place these in one of the best waffles to have in New Delhi.

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