Smokeys BBQ and Grill- A Delightful Experience

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Smokeys BBQ and Grill in Khan Market is a delightful outlet to have some delicious continental delicacies. They have an extensive and well curated menu which has some delectable dishes from all over the world to please your palate. The menu also has some wonderful drinks and shakes for that sinful yet satisfying indulgence.

As a big foodie, I feel it is a good omen to start our meal with something healthy (gives that pseudo-satisfaction of good health until of course the real stuff arrives). Anyways, the salad I tried I was more than just being healthy. It was yummy and healthy (isn’t that a perfect combo?). Buffalo Grill Chicken Salad in the picture had a yummy sweet and tangy glaze on the chicken which was winning for the taste buds, along with fresh veggies of course.

For the appetizers, I liked the Chicken Farchas. These yummy grilled boneless pieces of chicken were marinated in a flavorful mix of spices. A lingering spicy flavor balanced by the alfredo dip.

For the vegetarian foodies, I would recommend the Peanut and Potato Croquets. Although the flavor of peanuts wasn’t much evident, still the yummy mashed potato filling and a crispy crust made this one an enjoyable appetizers.

Now coming to the mains, mark my words when I say that Smokeys serve some kick-ass Burgers and Hot Dogs. For the burger, I tried the huge All Meat Burger. The best part about this one was the fact that it was fairly easy to eat and not at all messy. The meaty and juicy patty along with some lettuce when paired with the tangy sweet bean sauce, did wonders for the burger. The buns were very fresh and shoft as well.

The mushroom burger was equally good and at par with the all meat Burger. Being a mushroom fan, I absolutely loved the glazed mushroom patty. Again, the refried beans indeed added that touch of yummy tangy flavors.

They also have an lovely range of pastas from Fettucine (ribbon shaped) to Spaghetti. Nevertheless, the Spaghetti Carbonara wasn’t only the best one on their menu, but also one of the best  spaghettis I’ve had in a while. The creamy texture of the sauce and the addition of bacon brought that yummy wow factor to this perfectly cooked spaghetti. Not to mention, I had a bowl full of it myself.

How could one miss to have the cheesy, filling Hot Dog, while paying a visit to Smokeys BBQ and Grill? So yes, guilty as charged, I did order a delicious Hot Dog. Served with a cup full of Plantane chips, I couldn’t stop at just a single bite of this one.

For Drinks, I indulged by ordering the sinful yet heavenly plum and strawberry cheesecake shake. Must order this one if you’re a fan of Cheesecakes and would like to drink them for a change.

Major food porn was witnessed when the Molten Choco Lava Cake was sliced and sinfulness oozed out of it in the form of decadent liquid chocolate. A mix of slightly salty and chocolatey flavors, this cake is a perfect dessert for dark chocolate lovers.

For others, Banoffee Pie would also do the trick with its unusual plating, where it is in a biscuit crumble tart. The mud cake would be another decadent delight for the chocolate lovers.

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