Bella Cucina, Le Meridien Gurgaon- Unexplored Side of Italian Food

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Le Meridien Gurgaon has recently opened its first speciality restaurant since the inception, and it is time for the Hotel’s Patrons and Italian food lovers in Delhi NCR to rejoice as Head Chef Amit Kumar brings some unexplored Italian delights to the table (and the focus is not on the old-school Pizzas and Pastas over-done with cheese). Bella Cucina Le Meridien has been opened under the guidance of Executive Chef Roy who adds his own touch of years of culinary experience.

Bella Cucina- Literally Translates to the Beautiful Kitchen

The interiors are suave and chic at Bella Cucina, be prepared to see beautiful chandeliers, a well-stocked cellar, a fireplace and beautiful art pieces all around the restaurant that houses 3 Personal Dining Areas. The main dining area gives you a view of the i-Kandy poolside. The restaurant also has a live kitchen setting so that you can feast your eyes as the beautiful Italian dishes are crafted in front of your eyes.

The menu, as Chef Amits puts it, is inspired by the Northern and the Central Regions’ Cuisine of Italy. Now this is something which definitely makes Bella Cucina stand out from other restaurants in the same category. The food breathes the passion of the chef, who has painstakingly researched about the cuisine, and in-turn has woven culinary magic.

Our meal started with the aromatic mushroom cappuccino soup served with a fresh loaf of Brioche bread. The aroma of truffle oil really enhanced the experience. The warm, tasty and frothy soup used an array of mushrooms like Porcini and portobello.

Next in line was the superb Quinoa Salad. This one had a lot of micro-greens and asparagus, a perfect fusion of super-foods with taste. We also definitely fell in love with the artistic style of plating that complemented the artistic style of Italian cooking by Chef Amit.

The spinach and nuts Ravioli was spectacular. With freshly grated parmesan, this one had a very tasty and creamy mushroom morel sauce in which the tender and well cooked stuffed Ravioli.

Chef Amit’s rendition of beetroot salad involves a very innovative goat cheese snow. This molecular twist indeed a welcoming one, let alone surprising. The cheese had a texture which was very close to snow and yet had the good ole’ taste of goat cheese.

In the mains, the sous-vide (a technique of cooking involving air-tight vessels to cook the meat/fish) Salmon, which Chef also calls the 40 Degree Atlantic salmon because that is exactly the temperature on which the Salmon is cooked using the same technique. The artistically plated, succulent fish steak (with a slightly charred crust) was served on a bed of fine green pea tapenade, and then topped with a subtle and flavorful pommery champagne sauce.

The 40 Degree Salmon
The 40 Degree Salmon

The Amazing Desserts at Bella Cucina, Le Meridien Gurgaon

For the sweet twist after this hearty North/Central Italian meal, we had the signature 8 layered chocolate cake. The 8th layer is poured hot for a sumptuous experience. Then, it was time for the beautifully plated Espresso Coffee Mouse, which is served in the form of a shiny chocolate dome with raspberry coulis. The combination of chocolate and berries is always delightful and this dessert was no exception. I personally loved ‘petite antoine’ the most. This delicious classic French pastry was served with cherry spheres (another molecular twist, not over-done at all), served on a bed of chocolate soil.

All in all, Le Meridien Gurgaon is now equipped with this fantastic Italian specialty restaurant in the form of Bella Cucina, which definitely commands a visit by all the Italian Food lovers and connoisseurs, for its unique and tasteful dishes inspired by the Northern and Southern regions of Italy, eliminating all the gimmicks and replacing them with seriously gourmet food and stylish plating.



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