Whisky Samba- A South American Journey for the Taste Buds

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Whisky Samba is the latest venture from the same group the brought us The Wine Company (Wine lovers’ haven and also the place for drinking the best Sangrias) & Antares Goa (Master Chef Sarah Todd’s popular & scenic restaurant). One of the USPs of this new restaurant bar in One Horizon Centre, Gurgaon is that they have the largest collection of Whisky in the region. So all of you malt lovers have all the reasons to rejoice your visit to Whisky Samba as it churns out some of the most potent and delicious cocktails.

Whisky Samba Gurgaon

The best part is that it isn’t just a place for liquor enthusiasts because Chef Akshay is serving you some top of the line and unique dishes inspired by the Peruvian cuisine of the South American continent (hence the name Samba).

So when at Whisky Samba, they make sure that you start your experience with a Whisky Amuse Busche. Yes, a refreshing & strong glass of Whisky sampler with a hint of Orange that would stimulate your palate. This one was a glimpse of the extraordinary range of Whisky based cocktails (after all, Whisky Samba has the largest collection of the liquor in their kitty).

Whisky Samba Gurgaon
The Boarding Pass

After the drinkable Amuse Bouche, it was time for the edible one. The four-cheese bite was indeed a delightful little Amuse Busche that packed a fine cheesy texture with a surprise of Strawberry reduction at the end. It had fine cheese like Ricotta, parmesan, and Scamorza.

From the appetizers section, the first dish to arrive was Hummus. Mundane you may think? Well, not at all. This hummus wasn’t any regular one, it was actually made from the most expensive variety of beans i.e. Edamame. Prepared with the spicy and sour tahini & yogurt, the edamame hummus was served with crispy.

From the Raw Bar, we tried the Salmon Carpaccio. If you’re apprehensive about consuming raw fish, this dish may change the apprehension. Fresh raw salmon topped with coriander, green chilies & gari made for a refreshing seafood dish which was very light on the palate yet very flavorful (made me fall in love with salmon).

Whisky Samba Gurgaon
Salmon Carpaccio

Not a lot of place serve excellent Pork Belly in NCR but I must say that Chef Akshay has created magic with the 6-Hour Braised Belgian Pork Belly Skewer. This extremely tender and juicy pork belly had a spectacular blend of flavors (imparted by the braising process and ingredients like Lemon & Soy) matched with a crunchy garnish of dried garlic & sesame seeds. [FOODelhi Recommends]

Whisky Samba Gurgaon

Another highly recommended dish from the Culinary treasure of Whisky Samba has to be the Truffle Mushroom Risotto (Italians would themselves be impressed having this level of Risotto in Gurgaon). Made using four different varieties of mushroom, the risotto had a delightful blend of cheese with the taste of fresh & exotic mushrooms.

Whisky Samba Gurgaon

After these exceptional three dishes, I found the truffle mushroom bao a bit underwhelming. However, with a slightly pungent flavor of the mushrooms balanced by the sweetness of shredded apples, the bao was indeed very unique in its preparation (not to miss the cloud lightness of the bun).

Whisky Samba Gurgaon

It was time to take a sip of the extraordinary Samba sour (Whisky Samba’s own version of the classic Whisky cocktail). I must say the drink was able to freshen me up and forget the long drive from Delhi to Gurgaon. With JW Black Label, Amaretto, Egg White & Candied Orange, the drink is the perfect one for the whiskey beginners looking to start their innings. This reminds me how Whisky Samba’s bar is actually a Whiskey lover’s dream. From wood finish to limited editions, they have it all.

After the kick of the jolting strong lemon sorbet ice with raspberry bubble & water Lilly (the palate cleanser), we were all set for our main course.

Samba Style Baby Back Ribs with Salad & Umami Potatoes.

Whisky Samba Gurgaon

This platter also had homemade Brioche Buns and the delicious homemade barbecue sauce that wasn’t too sweet like the factory-made counterparts. This Charcoal Grilled Delight from Whisky Samba gets a double thumbs up and hence becomes a part of FOODelhiRecommends 😍

Super Desserts at Whisky Samba

Take this, a homemade mint & chocolate magnum with a flourless chocolate fudge in a cup that would beat any rain-bearing cloud in softness. That was the ‘Classic After-8 Samba Style’ Dessert and each bite seemed to be imported from the sugar-heaven.

All in all, Whisky Samba promises a very classy dining experience with it’s South American inspired food and an unbeatable collection of whiskies, all served in a grand sophisticated setup in the middle of the new-age One Horizon Centre. An experience highly recommended to all of you wanting to get a break from the monotonous cafe bars elsewhere.

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