Partake in a Lavish Christmas Feast at Bella Cucina, Le Meridien Gurgaon

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Le Meridien Gurgaon‘s very own Italian specialty restaurant, Bella Cucina is hosting a lavish Christmas Feast well in advance of the beautiful festival. The feast has some wonderful & fresh delights that aren’t just showcased on the buffet but also prepared piping hot and served on the table to you. The feast comprises of a well-stocked cheese counter with some of the finest cheeses to offer. The counter was stocked with some of the best Italian cheeses like the fresh Burrata, smoked ricotta, Emmental and what not! The highlight has to be the exquisite & sumptuous Truffle Honey that will go with almost all the cheese and cracker counter.



Right next to the cheese counter, you’d find the Vegetarian Anti-Pasti counter, and in turn, the Non-Vegetarian one next to it. Apart from the fresh, classic cold cuts for the meat lovers, the vegetarians will also find a plethora of options to choose from. From Baby Carrots to Aubergine, the freshest of vegetables are churned to be magical trophies of the Vegetarian Anti-Pasti counter.

As we enjoyed the Cheese & Anti-Pasti at our own pace, devouring the delights one by one (with a good portion and repeats of truffle honey), it was time to savor the goodness of the freshly prepared appetizers.

The Prawn fritters were ordered and the piping hot crispy dish with a drizzle of tasty sweet & sour Lemon Aioli.

Then came the strongly flavored Blue Cheese Filo with the balancing sweetness of pears and a delightful crunch of pecan nuts. Go for this one only if you’re familiar with the pungent flavor of blue cheese.

The goat cheese fritter was another subtle, creamy cheese fritter with a golden brown crumbed crust, to be ideally served with a unique watermelon jelly. For some odd reason, our serving was minus the watermelon jelly. If you happen to order it, do confirm about the portion from the server so that you can enjoy the jelly with your goat cheese fritters.

Moving on to the next course, we ordered for our Pasta. As cliched as it may sound, what’s an Italian feast without a good pasta? We called for the classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a dish more Americans would identify than Italians. The feast isn’t about savoring authentic Italian, but more about relishing the hearty delights that spread cheer amidst the beautiful winters of Delhi. The classic dish was done right with the stringy, baked mozzarella and oodles of cream on the macaroni with tiny cubes of high-quality ham.

We tried 2 of the delicious Pizzas (each serves one) and the one with Brussel sprouts, caramalized oniones and balsamic vinegar was a clear winner with it’s fiesta of flavors ranging from Sweet to sour, Complete with the crispy crust.

Heading to the main-course, the winner was the chicken-dinner. The Roast chicken with cranberry jus was just the right Christmas dish that was very well on point. Had I not been filled up with all the appetizers and pasta, I would’ve definitely called for a repeat of the roast chicken (hoping it wouldn’t land my name on Santa’s naughty list).

Talking of Santa, I am sure he must’ve been one of the consultants for Chef Amit as Bella Cucina has turned an entire Private dining area into the Dessert-section for the Christmas feast. Apart from the eye-candy Gingerbread house and the chocolate Santa sculptures, the section had some beautiful desserts like Tiramisu (one of the finest in Delhi), Whiskey & Chocolate Creamaux (a wonderful, creamy & rich dessert that’ll warm you up as well), and a lot more.

All in all, the Christmas feast at Bella Cucina gives you a tremendous value for your menu, not deviating away from the fine dining setting and giving you the ultimate Christmas vibes.


What? Christmas Special Feast

Where? Bella Cucina, Le Meridien Gurgaon, MG Road

When? On till 25th December 2017, 10 AM to 11 PM

More Info:

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