Depot 48- Best Waffles in GK-1

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Depot 29 has been a very successful venture by Vikas and Girjashankar, and taking forward the ethos of this uber cool cafe bar, Depot 48 is the duo’s second neighborhood local, this time located inside the high-street, GK-1 Market.

Overlooking the lush greenery of the market’s central lawn, the place is designed to look contemporary and raw, basically the essence of creativity. With exposed cream brick walls, filament bulbs and walls decorated with Musical props and pictures, the whole vibe is rocking in its own accord.

A prominent bar set up with high chairs also takes up a good chunk of Depot 48 and then of course, their awesome alcoholic concoctions justify the space allotted to the bar. My favorite drink from the galore has to be the Whisky Sour.

Depot 48, Beyond the Waffles

When it comes to food, Depot 48 performs excellently with almost all the dishes scoring high in all the fronts ranging from taste, from plating to conceptualization.

The meal started with some bar nibbles and we were served a Spinach Artichoke dip with a portion of fresh home-made nacho chips. The dip was addictive with its delicious and chunky texture coming from Spinach with the smoothness of Artichoke (the crisps were the perfect accompaniments).

It was indeed comforting to see a plate full of hearty, sauce-dunked chicken wings which served with a blue cheese dip. The wings were well cooked but lacked that extra dimension and the wow-factor. Nevertheless, this was a classic they didn’t happen to ruin with experimentation, hence, not a bad choice to beat wing cravings (remember to consume these when piping hot).

Depot 48 witnesses a revamped Quesadilla Bar, or as they say. It was a fun experience trying out gourmet fillings inside this otherwise monotonous Mexican delight. The use of ingredients like Apple and Pumpkin was a welcome change for a dish that is otherwise overpowered spicy sauces and condiments. For vegetarians, the green apple, rocket leaves and goat cheese Quesadilla would do the trick for the cheese’s tendency to complement the fruity flavors. Carnivores like me can any day for a filling of Spanish ham and jack cheese.

Best waffles in GK 1 img_20160919_212656 img_20160919_164401

There were also a lot of inviting fillings available for the soft shell tacos available at Depot 48, GK-1. The shredded duck with green apple chutney, pickled cucumbers and caramelized onions was my favorite one from the lot. Vegetarian friends can opt for a wonderful filling of Slow roast pumpkin with feta cheese and the royal Pine Nuts.

If I have to choose my ultimate favorite dish at Depot 48, it has to be the exotic Chicken Quinoa Salad with Pine nuts. Being a fan of pine nuts (and of course, chicken), a wonderful combination of this expensive nibbler with grainy quinoa, shredded chicken and of course the veggies (leafy and juicy).

No doubt the meal was hearty, but, how could we possibly skip the ever-so-famous Depot special Waffles? And yes, these were ordered without any regrets and enjoyed without any guilt (talking for myself). The fresh and warm waffle is available in two variations (classic and chocolate gianduja) with a generous sprinkle of powdered sugar was presented with a host of exotic toppings like caramelized nuts, wild berry compote and marscapone cheese. You must not leave Depot without trying at least one of these combinations (again, do remember to eat them fresh). Depot 48 surely has the best waffles in GK-1 Market

Location: GK-1, N-Block Market

Meal For Two: ₹ 2,500/-

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