Best Place to have German Beer in Gurgaon

My trip to Warehouse Cafe in Sector 29 Gurgaon was a satisfying one. The cool and intriguing interiors with Super Hero symbols rocking the wall and a classic raw look to the ambience, everything set the stage for a cool weekend outing. With two levels of dining areas, the space is plenty and hence, suitable for huge gathering parties. Talking about the food and beverage options, they have some refreshing cocktails made specially by keeping the fun quotient in mind. Hence, you can expect your cocktail to be presented with some…

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Junglee Billee- Celebrating the Power of Women

junglee billee gk-1

Lovely interiors and an even more beautiful little rooftop, this is the first impression I got for First-of-its-kind Women Only Club, Junglee Billee in GK-1 M-block market. Ms. Nida Mehmood has really raised the bar with her passionate designs and concept. Bringing back the concept of Gentlemen, Junglee Billee is all about Women and the power of Women. In a briefing, Nida told us that the fact that JB is a women-only club, in no way means something negative for the men. Instead, this is all about the Modern Gentleman giving his…

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Must Try Restaurants in Green Park- the Backyard [Closed Down]

try the new cocktail and food menu at the Backyard

[UPDATE: The Backyard Green Park has closed down and a new outlet, The Backyard Underground is now open in Sector 29- Gurgaon] When it comes to must-try restaurants in Green Park, The Backyard is the first one that comes to my mind. Now that they have launched a wonderful new food and cocktails menu, it would be more interesting to eat and dine at this beautiful restaurant. The Backyard also has a beautiful terrace setting which would calm your senses before you head on to have your sultry cocktails and gourmet…

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Must Try Dishes at Qubitos- The Terrace Restaurant in Delhi

qubitos restaurant in delhi review

Qubitos- The Terrace Cafe is a place where you can expect good food and great ambience. The Live Kitchen is also a blessing for food fanatics. Music is fun and there an air of liveliness. All in all, the place is all about chilling and relaxing with all the good food, drinks, music and the company of your loved ones. You would say that the same could be experienced in any other restaurant in Delhi. So here is how we think Qubitos has in store that would make it stand out…

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The Latest Party Scene in Delhi, Rajouri Garden- Cafe Foto Clubs

Do you like to party? Do you like to click Selfies? Do you like to click selfies while partying? Well, Rajouri Garden B.K. Dutt Market has just the place for you. Move over Hauz Khas, Check out Rajouri Garden Party Scene in Delhi For a long time now, Hauz Khas and the HKV has dominated the Party Scene in Delhi. However, things are changing. Amazing clubs and Cafes are emerging at the leading markets like Rajouri Garden. With the opening of the newer cafes and clubs focusing on the ‘Party’…

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