Lucknowi Food Festival at Zaffran GK-1 N-Block

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Zaffran is hosting an amazing Lucknowi Food Festival. It is called Dastarkhwan-e-awadh. All through march, you’ll find an amazing and dedicated menu under this festival. They have a delectable range of specially curated Lucknowi Kebabs that are filled to the brim with flavors and good taste. There are also amazing curries which are being offered in the Dastarkhwan-e-awadh menu.

Royal Awadhi Food at Zaffran GK-1

Starting with the Kebabs; the Mutton Galawti is an out and out winner. This was probably the best Galawti I’ve had in Delhi. Absolutely delicious, the melt-in-the-mouth texture will make you drool and crave for more. Finished on the Tawa, these kebabs had just the right size, made to have in a single go, ensuring the flavors to burst on your taste buds at once. The mint chutney and a pinch of lemon juice to each of The Galawtis with Varqi Paranthas gave the dish a whole new high.

Chicken Gulbahar Seekh Kebab was a mildly cheesy version of the conventional Seekh. This was way more delicate and tender.

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The Vegetarian Kebabs absolutely impressed me. Not only were they delicious, they were at par with the non-veg kebabs, in terms of flavors. Very palatable.

Now, the vegetarian kebabs especially the Nasheman Seekhs were utterly delicious. These delicate veg seekh kebabs were made of paneer (cottage cheese) and chopped onions. Finished on the grill, they were devoured in no time. The mint chutney and freshly cut onions were nothing less than a bliss.

‘Stuffed Baingan (eggplant) may sound like something not everyone would like, however, they were surprisingly very delicious. The eggplant was stuffed with a royal mix of cottage cheese and dry fruits. A lovely and unconventional combination that indeed worked.

I am not a mutton Nihari fan, and the one served here didn’t as well make me change my opinion.

However, the Murg Pardanasheen was a sumptuous chicken curry full of North Indian flavors. Had it with the hearty and freshly baked Peshawari Naan and thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

Almost felt like a king with the dessert, Zokhe Shahi. Bread Dipped in Chashni topped with Kesar Rabdi. The garnishing of silver varq made this dessert as good looking as it tasted.

#FOODelhiRecommends Lucknowi Food Festival at Zaffran, GK-1, N-Block.

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